5 Simple Guidelines For Property Investment

Before purchase any property, whether you’re purchase for your own stay or investment purpose, you must put these following into your concerns;

Ready-built Property

➊ Buy Ready-Built Property

As a wise property investor, always buy the ready-build property from secondary or sub-sale market instead of from developer. This is because you can reduce the risks and you can get immediate returns by rent it out to the tenant.

Purchase The Property at Below Market Price

➋ Right Location For Investment

Location is the main factor to affect the property appreciation. There is a high demand for the property nearby transportation services, shopping mall and other convenience amenities which mean you can rent out or sell out easily. Here is a tip for you, if you’re target tenant market is expatriates , then you should invest in the property that nearby international schools, have a good infrastructural links, near the place of their work or have the presence of other expatriates from their own country.

Property with High Occupancy Rate

➌ Buy The Property With Ready-Tenant

Purchase a property with ready tenant because they often come with a rental income. Tenants are able to help you to pay part/ full of your monthly loan instalments. Every property investor always take good care of their tenants and treat them as their customers because without tenants, they’re unable to earn profits from rental business.

➍ Buy And Keep Forever

Buy the property with the purpose of keep it and never ever sell it out. And you only sell it out if the property goes from good to bad (there is new highway being constructed in front of your property), or there is a better investment deal comes to you and you have no any extra money to accept it.

Residential property

➎ Never Regret What You’ve Bought

If you’re plan to move into somewhere unfamiliar areas for some reasons, it is advisable to rent the property for a several months and only make the decision of buy or not to buy after 2 years. This is in case you don’t like its area after several months, due to bad neighborhood or you’re not prefer the amenities.


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