5 Tips For A More Organized Home (While Sticking To Your Budget)

You probably already have storage baskets for organizing odd-sized or oversized objects. Blankets, toys, shoes, or other objects that need to be corralled in a basket; you might want a basket with holes or you may need solid side (like for small toys). No matter what type of basket, you may be able to easily hang these baskets up off of the floor. This helps maximize unused wall space and also helps make it easier for the taller people in your family to reach what they need.

Make sure you use the right type of fastener to hold the weight of the basket. Look for drywall screws with heavier loads, like 50 lbs, or consider using several smaller baskets instead of one large one. The image shows how well a few baskets works in a child’s room and the contents can easily be swapped out over time.

Hang baskets on the fridge

Much like the basket example, there are plenty of ways to maximize your magnetic “walls” in the kitchen without spending lots of money. This example shows how easy it is to take your existing smaller containers, like a plastic container, and glue inexpensive magnets to the back side. Quite magically you can turn your large refrigerator into an organized space for spices, cooking notes, small cooking tools or other kitchen equipment.

Better foil storage

Not all of us want to hang up our foil or plastic wrap boxes however, sometimes you simply don’t have a drawer or cabinet that fits all of these boxes. Placing them vertically on the wall allows you to easily tear off what you need and easily spot what you might need to buy more of. In vintage markets you can sometimes find old fashioned holders for these goods but this site offers a super cheap way to organize them by using easy-to-find, self-adhesive plastic bathroom hooks.

You’ll want to carefully measure how far apart to place them on your wall (or inside of a cabinet door). If necessary, poke a hole at either end of the box so that the inside roll spins on top of the hooks.

Reuse jars, containers, tins and bins

This might seem obvious but one of the best ways to save money on organization is to simply reuse the containers you already have. In the olden days nearly all grains, liquids or food was placed in reusable containers like glass, metal or terra cotta. Of course these are excellent containers that can be cleaned and reused many times over. Nowadays most of our food items or household goods arrives in thin cardboard or plastic, which may not look or feel as nice however there are tons of ways to reuse them for organization.

Containers with lids are always great to reuse as they can hold a variety of things. If colors or patterns are important for your visual organization, try using spray paint, decals, paper or stickers (these are all very inexpensive) to create a unified shelf or space.

Learn to store everything better

Your cluttered pantry or closet may not need any more containers, bins or jars. Maybe what you really need to do is learn how to put things away, the RIGHT way! Take this shirt folding tutorial for example. Simply throwing shirts in a drawer, or not folding it well, takes up a lot of unnecessary room. By folding them the right way you can actually get more shirts inside the drawer and be able to find them easier.

If you’re trying to organize a particularly messy area, try taking everything out and see if there is a better way to put it back.



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