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Property Joint Purchase – Understanding The Challenge
When family members, spouses, associates, friends or any individuals purchase a property together, this is called Joint Ownership of Property.[...]
Landed Property vs High-Rise Property: Which is better?
Finding the right property can be a daunting and difficult task – but we are here to help you pick[...]
Understanding 4 Bumi Attributes in Malaysian Property
Purchasing properties in Malaysia can be complex at times. If you are new to the game, you may run into[...]
What Makes a Property Hotspot?
Property investors will always tell you to buy properties that are located in a hotspot, and many of them will[...]
Be A Responsible Property Investor
New developments and the rising concern of property oversupply in the market is caused by many reasons, one of them[...]
5 Essential Features That Make Real Estate Investing Profitable
Every now and then persons trying to make up their minds where to put their money ask me if real[...]
Ways To List Your Room For Homestay Or Short Term Rental Other Than AirBnB
AirBnb’s website has a tool to help homeowners gauge their expected weekly income and according to this, the country’s chart-toppers[...]
Infographic: 4 Habits Can Make You Become A Millionaire
What are the habits can make you become a millionaire? Like the infographic we share to you? Like us on[...]
Guides To Successfully Buying Property
Buying a property, whether it is your first, second or tenth time, you have to face the stressful process. For[...]
Top 5 Residential Finance Questions of Home Buyers
No matter who you are and where you live, a home is a basic requirement and a necessity for life.[...]
These Habits Can Make You Become A Millionaire
Ever wonder how the other people can become a millionaire or even billionaire? Yep! They're must have much more capital[...]
7 Property Investing Strategies To Make Million Dollars
An expert has shared his experiences from his property investment journey, here his story and also provide the useful advice[...]
8 Property Investment Calculations Every Property Investors Should Learn
A successful property investor is not only know how to invest wisely, but good at calculating the numbers. Property investment[...]
Read This First Before Investing In Singapore Property
While Singapore has long been South East Asia’s biggest success story (with property prices to match), the current climate poses[...]
4 Places Would Lower Your House Value
In previous articles, we are focus more on how to increase your house value so that you can sell it[...]
Infographic: 9 Step For Beginner Property Investors
The step by step guides for beginner property investors; Like the infographic we share to you? Like us on Facebook[...]
All Malaysians Should Be Aware Of These Property Taxes
In Malaysia, whether you buy or sell the property, you must face the property taxes. When the time you become[...]
Things To Check Before You Seal The Deal
Buying a home can be simple but never easy! We have comprehend that the process of buying a brand new[...]
4 Guidelines For Investing In Smaller Income Properties
If you are reading this article, you're definitely wants to invest in property but have not much capital to get[...]
You Need A Business Plan On Your Property Investment
One question: Are you treating your property investing like a business? If you don't, your property investment is likely to[...]
Infographic: 8 Tips To Spot A Potential Investment Property
The quick guides on how to spot a potential investment property; Like the infographic we share to you? Like us[...]
Infographic: 6 Ways To Buy Property With Little Or No Money Down
The quick guides on how to buy property with little to no money down; Like the infographic we share to[...]
Top 5 Mistakes Newbie Flippers Make
Property flipping - one of the popular investment strategy in property investment field. Property flipping is about buy a property[...]
Make Sure You Market Your Property Correctly
Selling a property is much more difficult than buying a property. When the time comes to selling your house, you'll[...]
Infographic: 8 Guidelines of Tenant Management
The quick guidelines of tenant management; --WMAPROPERTY It's not about property ownership it's about control! To get more details. Click[...]
Property Investment: The 10 A’s Of Property Purchase
Regardless of you buying a property for personal use or for investment purpose, the following 10'As must put into your[...]
Infographic: Places To Raise Finance For Your Property Investment
Top 5 Places To Raise Finance For Your Property Investment; Like the infographic we share to you? Like us on[...]
9 Signs You Are Ready To Buy Your First House
Buying a home is a big decision for everyone, it's related to both for your future and your finances. But,[...]
Become A Successful Property Investor? Follow These 7 Investment Tips!
At a very basic level of property investing - to become a property investor, you'll need to have some borrowing[...]
Infographic: Ultimate Guides Home Loan Refinancing In Malaysia
The quick guides on how to refinancing your home loan in Malaysia; Like the infographic we share to you? Like[...]
Dig Into Tips Before Making A Property Investment
Do you want to get started in property and turn investing in property into a lifelong pursuit to secure your[...]
Infographic: 6 Renovation Tips When Buying An Old Property
The top 6 renovation tips when you buying an old property; Like the infographic we share to you? Like us[...]
Top 3 Questions To Ask When Condos Hunting For Your Vacation
Hooray! You have time to travel with your family, finally! When planning a vacation, staying in a condominium/ apartment can be an[...]
Infographic: 6 Essential Tips To Negotiate A Property Purchase
The top 6 tips to negotiate a property purchase! Like the infographic we share to you? Like us on Facebook[...]
Infographic: Steps To Designing A Best Investment Strategy
A quick guides on how to designing a best investment strategy; Like the infographic we share to you? Like us on[...]
Infographic: Must-Asked Questions When Buying a Property
A quick summary for must-asked questions when buying a property; Like the infographic we share to you? Like us on[...]
Tips For Getting Best Price For Your Home
If you're thinking about selling your existing home, believe you must wondering how to sell your home at best possible[...]
Infographic: Inspection Guide For A Property Before Purchase
A quick guides on property inspection before purchase; Like the infographic we share to you? Like us on Facebook and[...]
Infographic: How To Increase Your Borrowing Capacity
A quick guides on how to increase your borrowing capacity; Like the infographic we share to you? Like us on[...]
Infographic: House Flipping Guide
A quick guides on making a house flip a flop; Like the infographic we share to you? Like us on[...]
Infographic: Tips For Getting Started In Property Investment
A quick guides on getting started in property investment; Like the infographic we share to you? Like us on Facebook[...]
Infographic: Home Improvement Guide
A quick guides on how to improve your home and thus sell it out at higher price. Like the infographic we[...]
Infographic: The Famous Tips To Save Your First House Deposit
A quick guides on how to save deposit to buy your first house. To read full article, click the link[...]
The Advance 9 Checklists Before Buying Your First Investment Property In Malaysia
There is been encouraged the Malaysian especially Gen Ys to get involved in property investment field, as they have a natural[...]
Infographic: Tips To Improve Your Credit Score
A quick guides on improving your credit score, and thus you can get your loan application success easily. To read[...]
Infographic: 4 Advance Tips To Buy Property Wisely
A quick guides on how to purchase a property WISELY! To read full article, click the following link at below;[...]
4 Tips To Spot A High Growth Area For Property Investment
As a property investor, how strong of sense you have to able to spot a high growth area for property[...]
Golden Rules For A Profitable Property Investment In Malaysia
Property investment is becoming increasingly popular, especially in today's market. Although there are quite lot of news saying that most[...]
6 Amenities Can Drive Capital Growth
There is no doubt that certain amenities can make an area a more desirable place to live. However, not all[...]
Infographic: How To Buy A Property At Auction
A quick guides on buying a property at auction. --WMAPROPERTY It's not about property ownership it's about control! To get[...]
Pick The Right Tenant In Top 10 Tips
Believe that many landlords have already experienced the bad tenant. I may have been daily calls to fix the problems,[...]
The Top 8 Tips For Negotiation
Negotiation is extremely important in property investment field, as everything in property investment is negotiable. If you want to get[...]
Top 3 Tips To Buying A Holiday Home In Penang
Nowadays, more and more people are buying their own holiday homes. This is because they rather buying a holiday home[...]
Understanding The Rental Agreement In Malaysia
If you are landlord, you may heard about rent control. Luckily (for you), it does not exist in Malaysia as[...]
Tips To Protect And Manage Your Property Effectively
In order to make your investment properties make profit to you, you'll have to learn how to protect and manage[...]
Why You Should Have A Contingency Plan
When you decide to get involved in property investment, it is very much like running your own business where there[...]
The Advance 4 Tips For Selling Home On Your Own
Thinking about selling home on your own? Here are 4 tips for you; 1. Do your homework The first thing[...]
8 Tips To Spot A Potential Investment Property
If there is an amount of savings in your bank account and thinking about property investment, it's always better to[...]
5 Millionaire Blueprints
How to become a millionaire. Although this is a very simple question, but do you know how to answer it?[...]
The Top 5 Tips To Double The ROI
When your investment property started to generate positive cash flow for itself, it's time to consider to double your investment. Everyone[...]
5 Tips For Buying The Right Investment Property
Buying an investment property continues to be one of Malaysia's favorite ways to invest. An investment property should be about[...]
Checklist For Property Investment
If you want to be successful and earn massive profit in property investment, there are some key factors that you'll[...]
The Pros And Cons Of Selling A Home On Your Own
If you are thinking about selling your home, would you consider to sell it on your own or go to[...]
Tips To Do Well In Property Investment
A lot of people like to invest their hard earned money to varied investments such as stock market, business and[...]
Buying A Property: 4 Tips To Follow
When you're going to buy a property for investment use, there's a lot to think about, but it doesn't need[...]
Understanding And Managing The Risks Of Property Investment
Although property investment is relatively safe, but, there are still have certain risks existing in the investment method. In order[...]
6 Tips To Flip A House For Good Profit
House flipping is one of the investment strategy that allow the property investors to build wealth in property investment field. In[...]
6 Investing Secrets Shared By Property Millionaire
Want to know what the experts do to make themselves successful in property investment field? You don't have to be a[...]
Top 9 Tips For Home Improvement
If you've been thinking about put your house on sale or you are house flipper, you'll need to start getting ready[...]
7 Steps To Designing A Best Investment Strategy
Being flourished in property investment is always started with a best investment strategy. If you are looking for the excellent[...]
10 Steps For Beginner Property Investors
Here is a 10 simple steps plan that anyone can use to invest in property. Let's get started; Step #1:[...]
5 Things To Consider When Buying A House
Buying a house can be a most difficult thing to do in your life, yet, this is the step that[...]
How To Become A Property Millionaire In 5 Ways
Investing in property can help yourself to generate residual income and enlarge your wealth. Some people can do well on[...]
Lease Option – A Different Way To Sell Your Property
In most property markets nowadays, selling your property has become much more difficult. As we watch with our own eyes[...]
Top 4 Tips For Buying An Investment Property
As property is turning into the most popular investment these days, most of the people with sufficient capital are looking[...]
7 Habits To Become A Millionaire
Everyone want to be a millionaire and spend money without a limit. But there are 2 types of people in the[...]
The Pros And Cons Of Buying Property At Auctions
Buying at auction is one way to buy a property at below market price. However, it also presents with both[...]
Guides For Winning Bidder After Auction
This article will show you the guides for winning bidder after auction. 1️⃣ As we had mentioned in the earlier article,[...]
Step By Step Guides For Buyers On The Auction Day
Today, let's us continue to discuss about the step by step guides for property buyers on the auction day. Before[...]
Step By Step Guides For Buyers Before Auction
Auction is an excellent place to buy the property at best possible price. If you come across an interesting property[...]
Step By Step Guidelines To Buy Your First Property
Owning a house is better than rent. However, the procedures of buying a house can make the first-time homebuyers freak[...]
Top 6 Mistakes That New Property Investors Frequently Make
Although property investment is one the popular field that can make people rich over time, but there is always a[...]
Top 5 Guides To Pick The Right Property Agent
Property selling or buying is not something that most of us do every day, so pick a property agent to[...]
The Ultimate Inspection Guide For A Property Before Purchase
This is an important process during property purchase. No matter you buying a property with the purpose of investment use[...]
Top 5 Places To Raise Finance For Your Property Investment
Wanted to begin your property investment journey but lack of sources of finance? In fact, there are many ways to kick[...]
These Are The Taxes You Should Know When Invest In Singapore Property
Singapore is one of the favorite place for property investors in Asia. On a global scale, Singapore is also scores[...]
These 7 Home Staging Mistakes That Every Sellers Must Avoid
When the time come to selling a property, the seller will prepare a plan for home staging to make their[...]
These 4 Things Could Threaten A Landlord’s Profit
Get involves in property investment field is like you started a business. There are so many risks and pitfalls are[...]
5 Things Of Your Lease Agreements That Can Be Actually Negotiated
Nowadays, we understand the reasons that the people out there can't own a home because of the economy downturn and[...]
6 Essential Tips To Negotiate A Property Purchase
In previous article, we've talked about the importance of negotiate a property purchase. Let's us continue to discuss about how[...]
The Importance Of Negotiate A Property Purchase
Whether you are property investor or homebuyer, buying a property is the biggest decision making ever! One step mistake will make[...]
6 Renovation Tips When Buying An Old Property
As a property investor, we always need to search for the best deal in property market. Buying an investment property from developer[...]
8 Guidelines of Tenant Management
Believe that most of the landlords have the experience of bad tenants. Tenant problems plague landlords everyday. Reducing the rent[...]
Buying A House? 6 Ways To Save For A Down Payment Fast
Been through a many years of renting, you're desire to have a own home and form a family of your[...]
What Are The Pros And Cons Of Interesting Schemes Offered By Developer
In previous article, we have talked about buy property from developer who have offer pre-arrangements in order to meet the[...]
What Are The Characteristics Makes You To Become A Successful Property Investor?
Before you get excited and want to starting your property investment journey, let's find out whether you have the characteristics[...]
How Much Loans Should You Take When Buying A Property?
In property investment field, bank loans are always stand in an important role when the property investors buying an investment[...]
Find Out Whether You Are In The CTOS Blacklist Before Applying Any Loans
CTOS specialized in collecting the information and commercial transaction history of every Malaysian and companies from various sources found in[...]
Buying A Property By Taking Loans vs Cash
Whether you are property investor or simply a housebuyer, how do you finance your property? Will you applying the housing loan from[...]
Be A Financial Expert In 8 Ways
Wanted to buy a property but insufficient of money or even don't have any savings in your bank account? Always[...]
Buying Property With Little Money Down In 6 Ways
Believe that you may heard how the property investment experts buying properties with little or even no money down. Buying[...]
A Step By Step Guide To Inspect Your New House
Once the developer informed you to go over to collect the key of your new house, there are the things[...]
4 Things To Concern After Rent Out Your Property
In previous article, we've talked about the things to concern before rent out your property. In today, we will continue[...]
4 Things To Concern Before Rent Out Your Property
There is a Chinese proverb, saying, you can start a business easily, but managing a business is very difficult. Invest[...]
The Top 3 Ways To Make Money In Real Estate
Investing in real estate is some kind a business that you need to work at it to bring yourself a[...]
3 Pitfalls That Can Drag You Down From Successful In Property Investment
Nowadays, there is countless of people out there have achieved a significant increase in their net worth through property investment.[...]
Guides To Build A Good Landlord-Tenant Relationship
You got a loan application approval from the bank to buy your very first house but you're not plan to stay in[...]
6 Misconceptions About MRTA And MLTA
There is 2 common mortgage life insurance available in Malaysia which is Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance (MRTA) and Mortgage Level Term Assurance[...]
These Are The Words That First-Time Property Investors Should Know
If you are first-time property investor and have no idea what is the meaning of "Base Lending Rate", "Mortgage", Sub-Let and so forth[...]
Find Out If You Are Paying True Price Of A Property
As a property buyer, how do you know whether you being overcharged for that property? Every property buyer thought they[...]
These Are Must-Ask Questions When Purchasing A Property
The process of property purchase is very complicated, if you are seasoned property buyer, you're used to it and always[...]
Having A Very Low Credit Score? No Fret, Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Out!
No matter you are applying the loan to buy car, buy house or applying a personal loan, you shall not ignore your[...]
How To Define Whether You Can Afford For A House
Everyone have a dream, owning a own home and live in a happy family. Nowadays, most of the Malaysian can't afford[...]
How To Get The Fair Price On A Property? Here Are 9 Tips For You!
Seasoned property buyers know how to buy a property at very low price while many first-time housebuyers are often pay higher to[...]
How A Joint Loan Can Affect Your Financial In Future
Nowadays, many people are looking the ways to create wealth through investment and one of the most popular investments is investing in[...]
Top 5 Tips To Select The Right Conveyancing Lawyers
One you've had reached certain level of property investor, you will need to form a team to support your back.[...]
Tips To Pick An Investment-Grade Commercial Property
Commercial property is refers to a property that for business use. Commercial properties such as shop office with an individual title, its[...]
You Should Be Extra Careful of Investing In High-Rise Residential Property
High-rise residential property are seems to be the most famous option in property investment field. Many of the property investors like to choose[...]
Freehold Property vs Leasehold Property – Which One Will You Buy?
Imagine that there are 2 shop offices on sales where one is under freehold and another is under leasehold. As a property[...]
What Are The Problems for Leasehold Properties
In previous article, we've talked about the types of land title in Malaysia, you can click the link here to[...]
How To Manage Your Monthly Income Although It Is Less
Allow us to assume that your monthly income is about RM 2,000, and you should consider to separate your income[...]
3 Types Of Land Titles In Malaysia
As a property investor or homeowner, you should know there are existing 3 types of Land Titles in Malaysia which[...]
What Are The Types Of Returns From Property Investments?
What is the faster way to create massive wealth for yourself? Some people will say stock market investment while some say[...]
Pros And Cons Of Second-Hand Property
In previous article, we’ve talked about the pros and cons of purchasing a property from developer. (Click here to read this article[...]
5 Simple Guidelines For Property Investment
Before purchase any property, whether you're purchase for your own stay or investment purpose, you must put these following into[...]
These Are The Things That You Should Consider When Choosing A House To Live With Your Family
There are a bunch of things you will need to concerns about before you buying a new home to settle[...]
You Should Be Cautions With Refinancing Loans If Your’re Facing These Problems
Although refinancing is a powerful tool to help homeowners to manage their current financial status, but it may not be suitable for[...]
How To Protect Yourself If You’re Property Investor
Nowadays, most of the people are jump into the property investment field because it's appreciated can help to create massive wealth[...]
What Are The Pros And Cons Of Purchase A Property From Developer
In Malaysia, there are basically 2 ways to purchase a property. You can either book a brand new unit that is still under construction[...]
6 Valuable Tips When You’re Planning To Upsizing Your Home
In order to able to save yourself from the pitfalls of financial burden, you should read on this article to[...]
4 Useful Ways To Make Money From Commercial Property
Although investing in commercial property is risky compare to residential property, but commercial property do generate a significant profits from[...]
No Extra Savings To Decorate Your New Home? No Worries, This Type Of Loan Can Help You Out!
There is a few things in life are as daunting as decorating your first home. It's really hard not to[...]
What Are The Steps To Refinance Your Mortgage
Getting a new mortgage to replace the existing one is called refinancing. Refinancing is done to allow the borrower to acquire benefits[...]
Guides For Home Loan Refinancing In Malaysia
Why should we consider to refinance our home loan or mortgage loan? Let say, if you have difficulty to pay-off your[...]
How Much I Can Borrow From Bank?
Before you go for house hunting, you should check on what your maximum loan eligibility is. If you have list this[...]
Find Out How Much You Can Borrow Based On Your DSR
Before purchasing any properties, this is important to find out how much you can borrow from bank which based on[...]
5 Simple Tips For New Property Investor
When you have additional money for yourself can do anything else. The best option to spend those money is to[...]
S&P Agreement: What It’s Process In Malaysia?
Every house buyers should understand what is the meaning of S&P Agreement, and how its so important during property purchase.[...]
Buy Or Rent? Which One Better For You Now?
Should I go for buying or go for renting? Which one is better for my current financial status? I believe[...]
What To Do When You Can’t Afford Your Home Loan Repayments
Being a homeowner is a joyful moment in life. BUT!!!!! How if you're no longer to make home loan repayment?[...]
Step by Step Guide For First-Time Homebuyer
This article is to teach those youngsters or people who never purchased a house before. If you are one of[...]
Buy House? You Must Understand What Is S&P Agreement
Besides of signing Letter of Acceptance and Letter of Offer while you buying a property, there is still have another[...]
13 Things You Should Aware Before Buying a House
Congratulations! Your savings can buy a house for yourself finally. So, what you going to do next? Buying a house can[...]
7 Things You Must Know About Condominiums And Serviced Apartment
Many residential properties are being constructed in these few years and there is many property fair being held in shopping[...]
5 Ways To Sell Your Home Fast
When the time comes to home selling, its quite headache for many seller. Selling your property isn't as easy as[...]
Tips To Use Provident Fund To Buy Your First House
Every Malaysian who are employee of any company are required to contribute for provident fund which is a fund for[...]
10 Tips For Purchase A House Wisely
Many of the people are struggling with on how to buy a house, what is the thing that they need to[...]
10 Tips For Becoming A Wise Property Investor
Property investment is hot trends in current market and we sure that many of the people out there are very interested[...]
6 Tips To Invest Property In Thailand
Ok, you have successful in property investment in Malaysia. What now? Well, you may consider to investing property in the[...]
5 Things To Consider If Investing Property Overseas
Want to earn more money from property investment? Well, investing in property overseas is always a great chance for you[...]
Property Investment Tips
Property investment is a hot topic in around the world. Everyone would like to getting into this field to create massive[...]
Step By Step Guides For Evaluate An Investment Property
To evaluate an investment property is not easy than you think. If you are new to the field of property[...]
What Is A Landlord’s Responsibilities To Their Tenants
Be a successful landlord is never easy. It is not just collecting rent every month with the tenants and you still have[...]
7 Tips To Find A Right Property Investment Strategy
Every successful property investor have their own property investment strategy for themselves. A right property investment strategy can lead you to[...]
What Separates Bad Neighborhoods And Low Income
You might heard someone said don't invest the property in bad and low income neighborhoods. However, how much do you[...]
Tenant’s Credit History is Important Too
Credit history is important when you applying for any loan as the lender will decide whether to approve your loan[...]
10 Common Mistakes For Every First-Time Homebuyer
If you are the first-time homebuyer (whether you buy house for own stay or investment). Below 10 common mistakes that[...]
The Importance Of Getting A Pre-Approval on Mortgage Loan
Let's us briefly explain to you what is pre-approval on mortgage loan? A mortgage pre-approval is one of the important[...]
11 Tips To Find The Good Neighborhood
If something comes out, you will force to moving to an unfamiliar city, state or country and you might start[...]
3 Ways To Invest In Real Estate For Retirement
Investing in real estate provide plenty of benefits to you, and also can fund your retirement. Most of the baby[...]
11 Traps Property Newbies Should Avoid
I know that property investment is getting hot recently, believe there is many of the people cannot to wait to get themselves[...]
Top 7 Mistakes That Every First-Time Home Buyers Make
After bank approved your mortgage loan, you'll step for next process -- hunting a house. You may have searched for the[...]
The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Renting
No money to buy a house? Rent a house then. Believe that you'll not feeling strange of these sentence. Most[...]
13 Problems Faced By Every Landlord
Find a good tenant is never a easy job for a landlord. If there is any serious problem happened, evictions the[...]
6 Strategies To Be A Smart Landlord
What necessary skills that a rental property owner should be implementing to reduce the risk? In facts, most of the[...]
Its Not Too Early To Teach Your Kids About Investments
If you have your own kids, how do you help them to achieve their future life goals such as be[...]
4 Tips For Newbies To Purchase Property Wisely
When a person decides to buying a house, it can be done through a property agent or developer. As it's a big[...]
3 Tips For Deciding A Property Location
When deciding on where to buy a property, location is the most important thing ever. Location can decide whether the value of the property[...]
2 Simple Guide For Moving To New House
Finally, you have moved into the new house and you might think back to the moving process that you've been[...]
6 Things To Concern Before Buying A Residential Property
Before you purchase a residential property, you should be aware of some matters that could affect that property and the restrictions or liabilities on[...]
6 Ways To Increase Your Borrowing Capacity
What do you need to do to get approval on your mortgage loan? In general, the bank officer will assesses[...]
8 Reasons Why You Should Buy House In Young Age
In this articles, we will telling you that why you should buy a house while you still young. Here is[...]
5 Tips To Choose A Storage Facility
When your closets are overflowing with camping gear and your bedroom is a vault for files, albums, and who-knows-what ...[...]
Forecasting the Right Time To Buy Or Sell A Home
You cannot see into the future, but you can make an informed decision. Buying or selling a home at the right[...]
5 Tips For Renters To Save Downpayment
The perks of being a renter, no mortgage, no property taxes, no annoying maintenance work or repairs. This matter you can[...]
How To Check Your Credit Score?
Before you submit any loan application, you should check on your credit record before lenders do. It is important for[...]
3 Types of Property Insurance You Must Have
Buying a house is never easy. Whether you are buying a house for investment purpose or for your own stay, you[...]
Top 10 US States For Affordable Senior Care
For many seniors, growing older often means dealing with new medical challenges, and the cost of managing health-related issues can[...]
Buying an Old House — Pros & Cons
First, let us explain to you what is an older home. As a general rule of thumb, homes built after[...]
5 Ways To Save For First House Deposit Fast
To get yourself a dream house, you always need a big amount of deposit. However, building up a deposit is[...]
4 Essential Tips To Boost Your Property Valuation
If you have been thinking about selling your house in the near future, you should boost your property valuation before[...]
5 Tips To Get Approved For Mortgage Loan
When you comes to buying a house, you have to apply the mortgage loan with the bank. You might heard[...]
5 Tips For Property Investment Newbies In Malaysia
Wondering how others can successfully in property investment? In your mindset, you are believe that they must be wealthy enough to start[...]
Step by Step Guide for Renting Out A House
You have just purchased and now you want to make money from your investment, congratulations, you have upgrade to be[...]
What’s Better, Local or Out-of-State Real Estate Investing?
There are very strong advocates for either sticking to loyally investing in your local property market or casting a very wide net.[...]
All You Need To Know About – Investing In New Residential Properties In Bangalore
Bangalore's real estate growth has been off the charts over the past decade. Although the market has seen its ups[...]
Different Markets, Different Strategies
Once you learn how to analyze where your market is and the direction it’s probably going, then you can plan[...]
Closing A Real Estate Deal In A Down Market
When the housing market slumps, it's often best to take your home off the market and wait it out -[...]
10 Worst First-Time Homebuyer Mistakes
Are you gearing up to buy your first place? Shopping for a home is exciting, exhausting and a little bit[...]
Top 10 Tips for Buying Your First Investment Property
Real estate has produced many of the world’s wealthy people so there are plenty of reasons to think that investment[...]
Tips For Gen Ys Looking To Buy Their First Johor Property
Since the inception of Iskandar Malaysia in 2006, Johor’s property market has made a remarkable turnaround. When the land swap deal[...]
Tips For The Prospective Landlord
Investing in rental real estate looks like a great idea on paper. You just buy a place in a nice[...]
Is Buying a House With a Friend a Good Idea? – Pros & Cons
Renting a house or apartment with a friend is a great way to save money, and it allows you to[...]
Moving Out, But Not Away
It is common in Singapore for children to live with their parents until they are married, and some prefer to[...]
12 Tips For Investing In Cambodia
Cambodia is a rapidly developing market, and many investors with lower budgets and higher risk appetites are looking closely at[...]
Best Ways to Invest for Your Child
Planning for your child’s future is a wonderful way to give them a head start in life, but with so[...]
The Highs And Lows of Holiday Lets
Higher, but more variable income Unlike standard rental properties, with holiday lets you can hike up the prices over peak[...]
5 Tips to Consider While Listing Your Property Online
You might think that listing the property online is really easy; of course it's easy, but if you do it[...]
Top 10 Features of a Profitable Rental Property
From the first decision to invest in real estate to actually buying your first rental property, there is a lot[...]
Investing In Property Out Of State
Buying and owning property is rarely easy or simple. When the property in question is in a distant location, the[...]
Six Things Every Home Buyer Should Know About Mortgages
Only a small demographic of home buyers has a couple hundred thousand dollars laying around to pay cash for their[...]
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