How Can You Encourage People To Buy Your Home?

Looking to sell your home? We reveal what encourages people to buy a property.

When looking to sell your home, simple things such as buying fresh flowers, a nice smelling air freshener and a new lick of paint can really help make your property appear more appealing.

However, new research from online lighting retailer, LightBulbs Direct, has revealed the key factors that can make or break a person’s decision to put in an offer.

Interestingly, energy efficiency is a big factor and so it is important to be aware of your energy performance certificate (EPC) rating. This is valid for 10 years and highlights how much energy your property uses and what the typical costs will be. A is most efficient and G is least efficient.

Having a high EPC rating can significantly add value to your property as over a third (36%) of UK adults revealed they would be prepared to spend an extra £15,000 on a property with a high rating (between A to C). Plus 1 in 5 (19%) said they wouldn’t go lower than a C rating.

Unsurprisingly, high crime rates cause the biggest concern to property buyers, with over half (55%) of adults stating this would discourage them from putting in an offer.

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Although there isn’t much you can do about your area’s crime rates, aesthetically the three factors that put off people the most are:

  • If the property needs a lot of work doing to it
  • It is dark and badly lit
  • It is small in size

And when it comes to what would encourage people to buy a house the most, these three factors came out as the most important:

  • If it has a light and airy feel
  • If the property has a certain style such as Victorian or Georgian
  • If other houses on the street are neat and tidy

Tom Pratt, General Manager at LightBulbs Direct comments on the findings:

“Buying and selling a house is always a big decision for both parties. We wanted to discover the key factors that influence a buyer’s choice to be able to help homeowners make the necessary changes to increase their chances of a sale.

“As such a high proportion of buyers would be put off by dark and unlit rooms we would highly recommend to anyone in the housing market to ensure their lightbulbs are all working properly to ensure that their property is bright and welcoming.

“For those that are concerned about EPC ratings and energy-efficiency, investing in LED bulbs will help to significantly reduce household lighting bills by up to 90%.”





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