SP Setia To Launch Affordable Apartment At Setia EcoHill

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 29 (Bernama) — SP Setia Bhd will launch the D’Camellia towers comprising 317 affordable apartment units in Setia EcoHill township in Semenyih on Oct 1, 2016. In a statement today, the property developer said the freehold units are priced at RM262,000 each with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and two parking bays. “These … Read more

Why Should You Invest In Property? Here Are 5 Reasons Why.

Although there are many choices for investing, but real estate investment is one of the popular choice for many investors. If you have enough savings and wondering which investment you should be start on, the answer is always real estate investment. Do you want to know why? Here are 5 reasons to tell you why … Read more

Enhance Your House Feng Shui In 8 Ways

Feng Shui – is an oldest system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. Everyone believing in Feng Shui, especially Chinese. They’re all believe if they bring a good Feng Shui into their home, it can prevent the quarrel between family members and hence live in harmony, luck and happiness. In fact, it is very … Read more

6 Renovation Tips When Buying An Old Property

As a property investor, we always need to search for the best deal in property market. Buying an investment property from developer could save you a lot of money if you’re their “loyal customer” or “friend” or else, the property could be very expensive. While buying investment property from sub-sale market can be risky as there are much … Read more

8 Sure Ways To Increase Value To Your Home

If you’ve been considering to sell your house at some point the near future, you should start to getting ready as soon as possible. It’s not just about cosmetic enhancements such as makeover the kitchen or loft conversion, you will also need to consider the basic repairs too. Here are 10 sure ways that can increase value to … Read more

The Top 3 Ways To Make Money In Real Estate

Investing in real estate is some kind a business that you need to work at it to bring yourself a significant profit/ revenue. I’ve have been attended so many property Malaysia investment seminars, and I realized that most speakers like to say “Cash flow is KING” and the first thing you had to do is generating income. … Read more

The Insights Of Residential Property Investment and Rental Renovation

What makes rental property journey goes successful long-term? What do wise property investors do differently to make this industry consistently remunerative? In one of the property investment seminar, there is a expert with many years of experiences in residential property investing and management, it is clear to this expert that there are certain practices and attributes which characterize successful … Read more

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Purchase A Property From Developer

In Malaysia, there are basically 2 ways to purchase a property. You can either book a brand new unit that is still under construction (or even the building have yet start the construction) from developer or purchase the property from secondary or sub-sale market. It is depends on how a decision of property purchase is made, for example, from an advertisement, from property fair or … Read more

The Power of Window In The Kitchen

There are the numerous reasons for you to install a window in the kitchen. The most obvious reasons is letting the sunlight to bright up the kitchen. Sunlight is a natural light which brings your kitchen comes alive, so whenever possible I try is to accentuate the window in one way or another. Let’s explore the power of window in … Read more