What Is A Landlord’s Responsibilities To Their Tenants

Be a successful landlord is never easy. It is not just collecting rent every month with the tenants and you still have a responsibility to them. If you want your tenant pay rent on time, they have some expectation of you as well. Before you want to be a landlord or you are new landlord, you must read … Read more

13 Problems Faced By Every Landlord

Find a good tenant is never a easy job for a landlord. If there is any serious problem happened, evictions the tenants may cost a landlord time, money and resources of find the new tenant. Besides, if tenant request to lower the rents because of their financial status, a landlord can show his/ her kindness to follow the … Read more

Difference Between Property Owner And Landlord

Most of the people use the terms “property manager” and “landlord” interchangeably. Landlord may not always engage with property managers, but if there is a property int the picture, there is also a landlord somewhere behind the scenes. If you are a landlord, you should be be conscious of how a property manager can help you. 1. Ownership … Read more

“Rental Owner” and “Landlord” What’s Different?

Most of the people think that rental owner and landlord and same. The fact is, these two are actually play in different roles. Understand the both distinctions is important and that can make all the difference in getting what you really want to be in real estate field. Owning a rental property is a way to … Read more

Tips For The Prospective Landlord

Investing in rental real estate looks like a great idea on paper. You just buy a place in a nice area, find tenants and let the cash roll in. However, there are some matters you have to consider before buying a property and putting a “for rent” ad in the newspaper. Here we provide a … Read more