3 Ways To Invest In Real Estate For Retirement

Investing in real estate provide plenty of benefits to you, and also can fund your retirement. Most of the baby boomers were work hard in order to save more money to enjoy the rest of their life. But, you may seen some of the baby boomers were smart enough to put their money in property investment in … Read more

Can Your Mortgage Affect Your Retirement?

Financial planners continue to sound the alarm. If you’re like most people, you haven’t saved enough for retirement. In fact, you may well be dangerously behind. One of the big reasons might be your mortgage. In other words, your home is costing you too much and it’s robbing your retirement. But wait. Before you say, … Read more

Real-Estate Rents Can Fund Your Retirement

Rental properties can provide a steady source of income while you build equity in a property. In addition, the property may appreciate in value, and you may be able to enjoy certain tax advantages along the way. Here’s a look at how the process could work. It Takes Money to Make Money You’ll have to … Read more

Real Estate Rents Can Fund Your Retirement

Rental properties can provide a steady source of income in retirement, but it’s not an effortless investment. The process starts by making a down payment in the range of 20-to-30% on an investment property. Next comes the recurring expenses: mortgage, taxes, landlord-specific insurance policies, repair and maintenance costs, and any unexpected expenses, such as legal … Read more

Retirement Living: Renting Vs. Home Ownership

Where to live is one of the biggest decisions that retirees face. For many people approaching retirement, the decision between keeping the family home, downsizing to a smaller house or condo, or ridding themselves of the stress and expense that can come with home ownership altogether is a difficult one. Here, we’ll provide you with … Read more