Keeping A Neighbourhood Safe Through Environmental Design

Safety in a neighbourhood has become a major concern by any potential home buyer, current residents and property developers alike as the value of a property can be affected if the crime is rampant in the neighbourhood. Many might think that staying in a gated and guarded neighbourhood would be sufficient to reduce the risk … Read more

Finally Bought My Dream Home. What Next?

Now that you have finally bought your dream home, it is time to ‘beautify’ it to make it the perfect “Home Sweet Home”, a phenomenon that can be experienced nowhere else except your one true Home.   Why Should I Renovate My Home? A house is the reflection of its owners, whether the pearl white … Read more

A Window Morphs Into A Spacious Balcony

There’s now a way to transform boring glass window into a balcony that will add more living space to any apartment or condominium unit. Amsterdam-based design firm HofmanDujardin has designed a “convertible” window that transforms into a balcony just by touching a button, reports. The prototype was announced around seven years ago, according to … Read more

Floor Level Sofas Are Our Favorite New Design Trend

It’s time to relax, to get a little bit casual at home – just lay back and enjoy. And that’s just what these floor level sofas invite us to do. Touching the floor, no legs, and with extra cozy cushions, these low rider couches have us ready for long weekends made for binging on our … Read more

32 Hacks That Will Make Your Home Absolutely Great.

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Unbelievable Bedroom Splits Chaos And Harmony In Two Perfect Halves

No, this isn’t some kind of Photoshop trickery, the bedroom you are seeing is actually perfectly split in half, with one side being almost totally white and the other one being entirely graffitied. This surreal space is a creation by Kiev-based artist Pavel Vetrov, and is probably the most noticeable kind of contrast we have … Read more

6 Ways to Turn Your Bathroom Into the Perfect Spa Retreat

When you get right down to it, design is about making everyday life better. At it’s best, it enhances the function of a room while elevating it visually until it becomes a place that we love to be in. It gives us bedrooms we can sleep in, living rooms we can relax in and kitchens … Read more