5 Ways To Sell Your Home Fast

When the time comes to home selling, its quite headache for many seller. Selling your property isn’t as easy as you think, you will need to check on the current property market and decide the housing price and you will also need to check on whether how many profits you can get while your property is sold out and … Read more

Can’t Sell Your Home? Rent It

A homeowner who is able to sell a property at the asking price has the potential to reap a profit, but what happens when an individual is having trouble unloading a property? In this case, it might make more sense for the homeowner to keep the home, but rent it out to cover the bills. … Read more

How to Sell Your House by Owner – Without a Realtor

Owning a home is one of the biggest investments most people ever make. When it’s time to sell your property, the standard practice is to find a real estate agent. After the sale, your agent and the buyer’s agent will share about 7% of the sale price as their commission, which amounts to a hefty portion … Read more

Why January Is A Great Time To Sell

Preparing and planning to list a home for sale often takes a few months, with a lot of back and forth between the agent and seller. Typically, prospective sellers will start the groundwork at the very start of the year with the intention of selling in the spring. According to AOL Real Estate, selling in … Read more