What Makes a Property Hotspot?

Property investors will always tell you to buy properties that are located in a hotspot, and many of them will tell you that the best properties are always located in the Klang valley’s “Golden Triangle” – referring to that bustling region that is anywhere between KL, Petaling Jaya and Bangsar. But properties in these areas … Read more

You Need A Business Plan On Your Property Investment

One question: Are you treating your property investing like a business? If you don’t, your property investment is likely to be failed. Property investing include trading (buy and sell) which just exactly like a business. Just the process of putting the plan together is extremely valuable. You will be forced to ask yourself some questions … Read more

Property Investment: The 10 A’s Of Property Purchase

Regardless of you buying a property for personal use or for investment purpose, the following 10’As must put into your consideration before searching for the property. It’s not only can affect your property valuation in the future, it also affect to your hard savings – if this property is worth to buy. 1. Accessibility  ➢ … Read more

Checklist For Property Investment

If you want to be successful and earn massive profit in property investment, there are some key factors that you’ll have to consider before hunting for an investment property. Besides, we provide you the following question checklist for property investment that you should ask yourself before getting started in property investment. 1. Do you know the … Read more

Top 10 Tips For Getting Started In Property Investment

Every people in the world want to build a retirement nest egg while they are young, and wish to worry nothing after retirement. Well, property investment is one of the good place and safest-long term investments where can letting people to build their wealth for future use. Although investing in property can be an excellent … Read more

Tips To Do Well In Property Investment

A lot of people like to invest their hard earned money to varied investments such as stock market, business and real estate. Real estate investment is the most popular one as its relatively low risk investment. However, regardless of any type of investments, there has some extent of risk. Some people can avoid the risks, … Read more

Important Points To Consider About Property Investment

Once an individual have a certain capital, he/she will start to looking for other opportunities to earn more money so that can increase their wealth. That is no doubts that property investment is their favorite choice to rolling their capital. Property investment is a long-term way for every individuals to obtain financial security for their present and … Read more

The Secrets Of Property Investment

How to become a millionaire through Malaysia property investment with little money or even no money down? This is a very common question that most of the people think about and try to figure out the methods to get use of this golden strategy to buying investment properties. Besides of that, in order to successful in property … Read more

5 Simple Guidelines For Property Investment

Before purchase any property, whether you’re purchase for your own stay or investment purpose, you must put these following into your concerns; ➊ Buy Ready-Built Property As a wise property investor, always buy the ready-build property from secondary or sub-sale market instead of from developer. This is because you can reduce the risks and you can … Read more

Getting Started In Property Investment While You’re Young

In this topic, we will discuss about why you should getting started in property investment while you’re still young. You must wondering that what determines whether you are still “young”? Well, we are aiming at those fresh graduates and the age below 30. Nowadays, most of the young people out there are looking for the job that can … Read more