Homebuyers vs Property Investors

When we talking about buying a property, there are 2 types of buyers have different conceptions on property. First type of people define a property as their dream home where they buy a dream home to live together with their families forever. While the second type of people make a property as their money maker where … Read more

Essential Tips For First Time Property Investors

Financial independence is something we all dream about, especially in today’s often challenging and uncertain economic environment. We become financially independent when the income generated by our assets exceeds our day to day living expenses. Sadly many of us do not and will not have sufficient assets now and when we retire (for instance through … Read more

Hammering On Auction Properties

Homebuyers and investors who are seeking property purchases from both primary and secondary market may wish to look into properties made available via the property auction channel. Despite the many myths and misconceptions, investing in auction properties presents several advantages that may put knowledgeable investors at the front edge. Unlike sub-sale or buying from the … Read more