2 Simple Guide For Moving To New House

Finally, you have moved into the new house and you might think back to the moving process that you’ve been through was extremely tired and lot of things to worried. Especially for those newbies who is preparing to moving into the house, they might not know there is lot of matters that they should concern about. Today, we’ll share you a simple guide for you to make sure everything is work perfectly during moving house process.

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2 Simple Guide For Moving To New House 1

1.Start to Finish Guide for Moving to a New Place

  • Step 1: Once your house complete the renovation, don’t move in right away. New paint, new carpet and perhaps a large number of other pollutant sources are mixed with remnants of pollutants by previous owner. The smells are still strong after more than 2 weeks of trying to air out the home. This is no surprise. Many people with hypersensitivity can detect paint and carpet for years!  Do note that after renovation, you have to open wide the windows and doors to ventilate the house, and only moving in after 2 -3 weeks.
  • Step 2: Do check whether the house have working connections for electricity, water, gas, telephone line and etc. After that, packed household good and arrange a moving house service to help you to transport all the items to the destination.
  • Step 3: It is advisable for you to clean the entire house again (in-house sterilization) before moving in as well as check on the electricity and water supply are working well.
  • Step 4: To protect your newly floor and painting on walls, make sure all the stuff/ furniture are being packed.
  • Step 5: Once everything is done, be sure to keep all the important document in safety place.

2 Simple Guide For Moving To New House 2

2. Things to Concern While Moving Into New House

  • 10 days before moving in

If the house is still under renovation, check on the completion date for you to able to proceed with in-house sterilization. Besides, you may start to making arrangement with moving house service company to help you to ship your stuff to the new house.

  • 7 days before moving in

Measuring the size of each room and furniture in order for you to do the planning of the arrangement of the furniture.

  • 5 days before moving in

Clean the entire house thoroughly to prevent bringing in pest to your new house. Also, check on all toilets, ceiling and water pipe whether it is leaking.

  • 3 days before moving in

i. Install a new phone line in your new house
ii. Terminate all of the utilities of your old house
iii. Inform friends and relatives about your new address
iv. Keep all documents, jewelry, valuable items in a safety place

  • During the moving day

i. Cover the floor with cloth/cardboard to prevent scratches
ii. Inform the people handling your items to be careful with fragile items
iii. Instruct the workers to move the items in the right place
iv. Make sure all items are transported to the new place.
v. Collect and keep all receipts including transportation service receipts

  • After moving in

Things to do:
i. Clean the floor, tables, chairs, cabinets, etc
ii. Unpack your daily items first
iii. Start decorating your new home

  • Damage claims

i. Valuable items
ii. Household appliances
iii. If there is a dispute over claims, consult consumer associations or departments

  • Once everything is settled:

i. Get the necessary permits such as residential access card, parking permits and access card, dog license, etc.
ii. Take the initiative to introduce yourself to your neighbors
iii. Housewarming party begin


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