5 Stylish & Organized Mini Apartments

In today’s market, and many of the world’s major cities, space is a luxury. But that doesn’t mean your tiny apartment can’t feel beautiful, and can’t function perfectly. These designer didn’t sacrifice style for space in these tiny flats, and you don’t have to either. Transform your tiny space into one that is not only fits all your needs, but feels like home — and maybe even spacious — by taking a look at this stunning gallery of mini apartments.

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This tiny apartment maximizes space and makes it feel bigger with sleek design and a neutral palette.

Pops of color. While this space is based on neutrals, the reoccurring theme of yellow and turquoise add wonderful variation to this tiny space.

Slick and smooth surfaces make this tiny apartment feel glossy and luxurious despite it’s small size.

A simple trick to make smaller spaces feel bigger is to focus on a clean color pallet. The designer here has used white for an airy feel, but warmed it up with the wall wood toned wall that once again draws the eye up and alludes to a larger space.

This bedroom maximizes every nook and cranny. The bed has drawers underneath, and even a built in bedside table. And the built in closet unit spans the entire room to give the owner a great amount of storage.

This tiny apartment is masculine and dark, but the dark colors don’t make the space feel smaller because of the neutral pallet and glass surfaces that designer Ksenya Surikova has incorporated.

While often in tiny spaces it’s recommend to keep the same floor throughout the space for continuity, the long stripes on the kitchen floor elongate this space.

Long, sheer curtains help diffuse harsh light and make the tiny space feel airy.

Sometimes it’s best to play into a tiny space by making it cozy, just like the designer has done in this bedroom space. The oversized curtains, bed that looks like it’s on top of a giant pillow, and the wood walls make this space one you want to crawl into after a long day at the office.

Designing duo Alex Koretsky and Viktoria Pashinskaya have transformed this tiny space with technicolor and slick modern designs to make ti feel much bigger than it actually is.

These incredible mood lights draw your eyes up and through the entire space. And while you may think it would emphasize the small size, it instead keeps your eye moving and interested through the dynamic setting.

Fun meets functionality. These awesome wood panels are also a shelf and bench to lay down your things.

Once again the designers are drawing your eye up and around the entire space with swooping lights, and this magnificent breakfast bar. While the space is small it can still seat up to 6. Breakfast bars are a great option for tiny kitchen spaces.

It’s all in the details.

This bathroom isn’t all that small, but it sure stunning. The walls are shiny and make the space glow and appear larger, and the mirrors also add a sense of space.

The DesignRush team transformed this 25 square meter tiny apartment into an incredibly modern and functional space which they say is perfect for the modern woman. Although, we think any man would enjoy this space just as much too!

The modern working woman needs a home office. In tiny spaces many people forego a home office because they think they can’t fit it. But the designers here have incorporated it perfectly into the space, right next to the kitchen.

The beautiful wood backsplash of the kitchen flows onto the island and the home office, bringing continuity to the tiny apartment.

Look at all that storage space! Behind those sleek glossy white panels are plenty of shelves to store everything from clothes to cleaning supplies.

Separating the kitchen from the living room with different floors gives the owner a real feel that they are in a new space when they leave the kitchen. While having the same floors can make the space feel bigger, adding a different flooring for a different room can also make an extremely tiny space feel bigger by giving a sense of an entirely different space.

Glass and mirrors! These slick surfaces help tiny spaces like this little bathroom give the illusion of more space.

Where does the shower even begin? The angled lines that disappear against the bathroom mirror really make this tiny apartment bathroom feel much more spacious.

The 25 sqm apartment layout is designed to maximize the space.

This tiny space is incredibly cozy and warm despite it’s industrial influence by designer Alexander Raschenko.

The island sure is tiny, but it’s also functional. This tiny apartment is perfect for a single young professional who will be serving up tapas to friends on a Friday night, or cutting up some veggies on the island for a mid-week salad dinner.

The tiny island teaches further on the side of the kitchen to maximize space.

Succulents and green plants make any space feel like home.

The sky blue couch and rug play off the wonderful sea glass blue of the island, and really bring out the tiny apartments warm wood tones. Also note the staircase that’s doubling as a chic and casual bookshelf.

The rich wood floors and stairs really ground the entire room, and the light elements like the walls and furniture keep it light and airy. You can see just how much open space there is below, and how it’s really been maximized.

The pipe railing is mirrored as a hanging rod for clothes on the back wall, one again playing on the industrial feel. And the designer has gone for these indulgently warm orange lights for the loft bedroom to bring a coziness to the otherwise airy space.

The bathroom of this tiny apartment is just as stylish and functional as there rest of the space. Easy to care for concrete surface with wonderful storage shelves make this the perfect space for a young professional.


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