This Home Is Built Into The Side of A Cliff

Everyone has their dream homes, the style can be difference, the location can be difference as well. Try to imagine that there is a house is built into the side of a cliff, what’s in your mind now? In reality, do you think its possible? [huge_it_gallery id=”12″] Well, there is a home called as Casa Brutale … Read more

This Tiny Home Can Rotate In A Full Circle

With its rainy weather, homes in Portland, Oregon, tend to not get too much sun. But a Portland-based architecture firm figured out a way to change that. PATH Architecture created a tiny home that can rotate in almost a complete circle. That means that its floor-to-ceiling windows can always face the sun. The 359, as it’s … Read more

This Cardboard House Can Be Assembled In One Day

This house is mostly built out of cardboard, its called ” WikkelHouse” or other people called “Wrapping House In Dutch”.

This Cardboard House Can Be Assembled In One Day Share on X

WikkelHouse is a house that 3x eco-friendly than traditional built house as all the material are recyclable and sustainably produced. Besides, it is highly customizable and it can be assembled in just 1 day.

A whole house with prefabricated bathroom and kitchen is cost you around $80,000.