Call To Green

WITH the current hazy climate conditions the country is faced with, many feel that perhaps this is a wake up call for the people and those governing, to start acting on intentions and declarations to go green. There is no time left to wait! If you just skim through dailies and look at what is … Read more

Top 5 Tips For Deep Cleaning Your House

All houses, no matter how regular you are with your routine cleaning, need a thorough deep cleaning once in a while.  It may be because you are expecting ‘important’ guests over the weekend, like the mother-in-law who never forgets to check behind the cupboards, or you are putting your house up for sale and want … Read more

Golden Rules Of Renovation

Renovation may be a popular way to extract more value from a property as well as to give it a homely feeling for families. However, the current housing market means property owners need to ensure they don’t overcapitalise when upgrading their property. One of the greatest fears when it comes to renovation is busting the … Read more

Living Room Do’s and Don’ts

The living room is arguably the most important room in the house when it comes to decorating. It’s the room where you entertain guests and loved ones, and it’s where families tend to spend the bulk of their at-home time together (after the kitchen). In order to make sure it looks its best be sure … Read more

Eco Friendly Ways To Decorate Your Home

When someone talks about decorating what do you think of? A fresh coat of paint, new carpet, tables, chairs, sofas, mirrors and pictures, the list is endless, but have you ever consider the effect this has on the environment? All of these items listed come at a cost to the environment, with some being made … Read more

10 Rules for Arranging Furniture

Arranging furniture can be a daunting task. When you’re faced with an empty room knowing how to fill it can seem overwhelming. But all you need to do is follow these common sense rules and you’ll find that arranging furniture isn’t so scary after all. Choose a Focal Point Never underestimate the power of a … Read more

6 Ways to Turn Your Bathroom Into the Perfect Spa Retreat

When you get right down to it, design is about making everyday life better. At it’s best, it enhances the function of a room while elevating it visually until it becomes a place that we love to be in. It gives us bedrooms we can sleep in, living rooms we can relax in and kitchens … Read more

How to Make Green Home Improvements to Your Home

We all seem to gravitate toward green home projects. Over the years I’ve completed my fair share of home improvement projects, doing all the work myself; however, like many aging baby-boomers, I’m getting a little bit too old and, in my particular case, too cranky, to keep it up. So, I now hire contractors to … Read more

Environmental Dangers Lurking Within Your Home

While many people are aware of the hazards to their health found in polluted cities, it easy to forget about the dangers present within your own home. Most people take the necessary precautions to keep their house clean and dust free, which is a great start. In addition to the regular cleaning and home maintenance, … Read more

Kota Kemuning, Sungai Buloh and Bandar Tun Hussein Onn: Thriving Townships of Tomorrow

Urban centres situated in the outlying areas of Kuala Lumpur have seen an increasing demand for residential and commercial developments brought on by the influx of a growing urban population. Kuala Lumpur has a population of almost 2 million people but less than 200,000 live in the city centre due to its high costs. With … Read more