Do First-Time Home Buyers Need an Agent?

The National Association of REALTORS® would like me to tell you that all agents are ethical, honest, experienced and care about their clients — especially about first-time home buyers — but that would not be true. It might be true about the majority of the agents in the business, but it’s not true about all … Read more

What Are The Benefits To Paying Cash For A Home?

Question: What are the Benefits to Paying Cash for a Home? A reader asks: “We aren’t bragging or anything, but my wife and I have saved enough money to pay all cash for a home. We know we might get a better rate of return in the stock market, but with prices the way they … Read more

What Do We Need to Know About Buying an As Is Short Sale?

Question: What Do We Need to Know About Buying an As Is Short Sale? We had been patiently waiting for the bank to approve our short sale for almost two months. We are first-time home buyers, and I can’t believe the great deal we’re getting on this place. The problem is we could not do … Read more

5 Lessons We Learnt About Renovations This Year

As we end the year and look back, we may wish we did not do some of the things we did. We’d like to share some of the lessons we learnt about renovations, so that at the end of next year, you’d be in better shape than us! Regret 1: Taking on a renovation package … Read more

Know Your Rights As a Strata Owner

Chris Tan, Founder and Managing Partner of Chur Associates gives the rundown on strata living. Strata living is fast becoming a way of life in Malaysia, currently roughly 30% of the country’s population is living in strata-title buildings. The term “strata” was first introduced legally in 1985 in response to the mushrooming of multi-storey structures … Read more

Tips For Buying A Home In Hawaii

One of the dilemmas you may face when buying a home in Hawaii is whether to choose a local real estate agent to represent you or to hire the listing agent. My story involved the best of both worlds. I did not really want to rely solely on a listing agent because I prefer my … Read more

The 6 Biggest Decorating Mistakes You Can Make in a Living Room

You’ve got furniture, accessories, and the colour on the walls, but something still isn’t quite right with your living room? One of these common decorating problems may be to blame. Teeny Tiny Rug Take a quick look around your living room. Is all the furniture sitting on top of the rug? If not it’s too … Read more