Guides To Successfully Buying Property

Buying a property, whether it is your first, second or tenth time, you have to face the stressful process. For many people, buying a property is the biggest financial decision of their lifetime. Because there can be so much riding on this one purchase, it is imperative that you do the correct research and follow … Read more

Things To Check Before You Seal The Deal

Buying a home can be simple but never easy! We have comprehend that the process of buying a brand new property is both overwhelming and demanding. Searching for a dream home is much more difficult. You may have a hundred choice within your targeted area, and narrowing down the list can waste your a lot of … Read more

Infographic: 4 Advance Tips To Buy Property Wisely

A quick guides on how to purchase a property WISELY! To read full article, click the following link at below; Click Here –> 4 Tips For Newbies To Purchase Property Wisely Like the infographic we share to you? Like us on Facebook and Share it to your friends! —WMAPROPERTY It’s not about property ownership it’s about … Read more

Top 3 Tips To Buying A Holiday Home In Penang

Nowadays, more and more people are buying their own holiday homes. This is because they rather buying a holiday home for their own than spend a lot of their savings/ money on hotel bills. In Malaysia, Penang is the second-largest island and is more modern living style compared to Langkawi. Penang receives a massive influx … Read more

Step by Step Guide For First-Time Homebuyer

This article is to teach those youngsters or people who never purchased a house before. If you are one of them and wonder what is the process, how it works and how long it will takes? Continue read on and we’ll clear your doubts! Step ➊ Search for the house that suit to you The first thing you … Read more

13 Things You Should Aware Before Buying a House

Congratulations! Your savings can buy a house for yourself finally. So, what you going to do next? Buying a house can make people headache a lot. In order to not to waste your savings to buy a house that will have problems in the future. This is the article you must continue read on to find out what … Read more

6 Things To Concern Before Buying A Residential Property

Before you purchase a residential property, you should be aware of some matters that could affect that property and the restrictions or liabilities on you after your buy it. Here are 6 of the things that we advice you to watch out for: 1. Urban Living Are you planning to move to a city? High population density areas are attractive due to abundance of entertainment areas … Read more

Buying A Home What Questions Should You Be Asking

Buying a home is a big commitment, and finding the right properties along with the right low rate mortgages can often seem like an impossible match. But between the rise of the U.S. mortgage market in 1949 until the turn of the 21st century, people have been becoming homeowners through all sorts of mortgages. There … Read more

Tips for Finding the Right Location for Your First Home

When you’re looking to buy your first home, it can feel as if there are a lot of things to consider before you purchase. The location of your first home is one of the biggest decisions you need to make when you’re trying to find where to settle down. How do you know what is … Read more

5 Signs It’s Time to Walk Away From a Home Purchase

You’re about to buy the home of your dreams, but what if suddenly something doesn’t feel right? Here are five signs you should step back from the deal. Buying a home is an exciting, stressful and emotional process.  Once you’ve gone to lots of open houses and started making offers, chances are you might get … Read more