Decor That Saves You Money On Your Heating Bill

It’s easy to warm up your home this winter with some heat-saving decorations and furnishings. During the cold and dark nights of winter, you may start to realize that your home isn’t as well sealed against air leaks and drafts as you’d like it to be. This can lead to much higher heating bills and the feeling of being uncomfortably cold inside. Fortunately there are some great ways to create warmth in your home and some decor and furnishings can help.

Thermal drapes or curtains

It’s old fashioned but still works: hanging heavier drapery over drafty windows will help your room stay warmer in the cold winter months. You can switch out your regular drapery for a thicker material, like velvet, or hang a heavier material over your existing drapes. You can even find thermal drapery material (like this one Lowe’s for $14) that is designed to block out drafts.

Keep in mind that a heavier material will also block out light. If your winter days are sunny, and that warmth helps warm your room, consider opening the drapes to let the sun in then close them the rest of the time to keep the cold out. If your hallways are particularly drafty, consider hanging a temporary curtain inside the home, this may help you notice hidden drafts from room to room.

Throw rugs or runners

When your feet are warm, you’ll feel warmer too. This is why many homeowners add rugs or runners on their cold, hard floors in the winter time. They don’t have to be fluffy or even a thick pile, just an inexpensive rug can instantly make the floors feel warmer. However, a textured rug can visually warm up a room so you may want to increase the pile height in low traffic areas like a bedroom or living room.

Even a kitchen floor can use a little warming up in the winter months. Choose an easy care rug like FLOR carpet tiles, which can be washed in the sink, recycled or rearranged to create a new pattern. These tiles can also be stacked and stored in the garage if you only want to use them seasonally. Additionally, the carpet tiles can be easily cut with a box cutter and used in smaller spaces, like on stairs or entryways.

Draft “snakes” under the door

Doors can be a huge source of heat loss in the home, both exterior doors and interior doors. It’s really easy to make those old-fashioned draft “snakes” that fit under the gaps in the door. Simply take leftover material or fabric (consider using old pillowcases or other linens that you already have), sew one end, fill it with either a cut piece of round foam or with a heavy, dense filler like dried beans or rice. The best draft snakes will also fit under the door as well as in front of the door, so as to really block the air. Here is an easy tutorialusing rice as a filler, and here are some other creative ideas to add style to your draft snake.

Flannel sheets

Flannel sheets are an easy way to keep your bed feeling warm and cozy in the winter and there are tons of styles to choose. Of course, the best sales on flannel sheets are in the summer however you can look for great options online at The Company Store, Kmart, or other home goods stores. A flannel duvet is another way to make the best look cozy (see this great video about how to stuff a duvet quickly and easily). A warm throw blanket and good reading lamps also help create a warm bedroom environment.


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