Find Out Whether You Are In The CTOS Blacklist Before Applying Any Loans

CTOS specialized in collecting the information and commercial transaction history of every Malaysian and companies from various sources found in the public domain. It is also a platform for every Malaysian to self-check their credit score as well as allow the bank to access their borrowers’ credit history to determine whether approve or reject their loan applications.

If an individual is bankrupt, his/ her name will be show in the blacklist of CTOS. Once an individual’s name has been listed in the blacklist of CTOS, he/she is hardly acquire any loans.

Find Out Whether You Are In The CTOS Blacklist Before Applying Any Loans Share on X

Do note that, you will be not only include in CTOS blacklist if you’re no longer pay for any loan repayments or business went failure, you will be also in the blacklist if you owed phone bills, utilities bills and credit card debts.

Scary right? If you plan to applying a home loan to buy a property, the first thing you must do is check your personal credit score before the banks do. The earlier you check, the earlier you can fix it right. So, how to check it? You can employ these following methods to check whether you are in the CTOS blacklist.

CTOS Blacklist,CTOS

Methods to check whether you are in the CTOS blacklist

Method 1️⃣ Through Online 

➛ Open your browser and access
➛ Login to your CTOS account by using User ID and Password.
➛ Key in your email address
➛ A CTOS report will then send to your mailbox.

Method 2️⃣ Mobile App

➛ Download CTOS mobile application via Google Play or App Store
➛ Install the app, select “Services”, and then select “Self-Check”.
➛ Wait few minutes and the results will be displayed on your mobile screen

CTOS NOTE: This is the CTOS icon that will show in the mobile app.

Method 3️⃣ Visit CTOS Service Center

➛ Access to check where is the nearest service center
➛ Bring along with your IC to CTOS service center
➛ Seek for a staff to assist you

Method 4️⃣️ Through SMS

➛ Open your messenger, type SELFCHECK (space) NRIC number, then send to “36396”
➛ Example: SELFCHECK 123456789012
➛ You will then be charged a RM 10
➛ A CTOS report will be sent to the registered e-mail address.

Is it very simple to check your credit score? All the methods above are free of charge except method 4 that you will be imposed a RM 10 for a CTOS report. What you are waiting for? Hurry get your phone or computer on, and check whether you are in the CTOS blacklist. The earlier you check and know your credit score, the earlier you can find the ways to rescue your credit score if you having a very low credit score. (Click here to read The Tips To Improve Your Credit Score)


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