How To Manage Your Monthly Income Although It Is Less

Allow us to assume that your monthly income is about RM 2,000, and you should consider to separate your income into 5 parts which is RM 600, RM 400, RM 300, RM 200 and RM 500 respectively.

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Let’s start with the part 1 first, what should you do in this part

living expenses

Part 1 @ RM 600: As your living expenses

You’re wonder how can this small amount as your living expenses? Well, in order to meet your future objectives sooner, you are allowed to spend about RM 20 per day and you may practice your daily meals as bellow;

Breakfast: 🍞 Bread, Cooking on Google Android 6.0.1 Egg, and Glass of Milk on Emoji One 2.2.5 a cup of milk

Lunch: 🍔 Fast food or simple meal will do and 🍎 fruits or you may prepare your self a Bento Box on Twitter Twemoji 2.1.2 lunch box everyday  like me (trust me, it will save lot of money)

Dinner: 🍜 Simple meal, you may avoid it if you’re not feel hungry,  drink Milo or self made Tropical Drink on Facebook Messenger healthy drinks.

According to the research, if you continue to do a thing for up to 15 days and you will find out there is some changes in your daily habit (bad habits) and if you keep going for up to 20 days, that thing will be your daily habit. And, you still can treat yourself a better meals during weekends.

As such, you will find out your savings is increase and you become healthier and slimmer.

social life

Part 2 @ RM 400: Not to forget your social life

After deduct your phone bills from this part 2, you can use the balance to hangout with your friends and family twice a month. You should spend your money wisely, for example, hang out with the people who can inspire you or share something that positive and experiences with you.

Increase your knowledge

Part 3 @ RM 300: Increase your knowledge

You can spend this part of money to buy some books or attend a seminar to educate yourself and increase your knowledge of something that you’re interested. Through a seminar, you may get to know some guys who had the same interest with you or the experts of the topic and it can enlarge your friend zone.


Part 4 @ RM 200: For travel funds

Don’t let your life become boring, plan a trip for yourself to explore the new world, understand the country culture, experience the things that you never done before. Besides, you can travel with your love one to increase your both relationship. Enjoy the every moment of every travelling, and you would have your own precious memories and knowledge about the world.


Part 5 @ RM 500: For investment funds

Start by savings and once your have a little amount of capital, try use it to build a small business or investment. Don’t bother about success or failure, as you at least gain some experiences as well as train your bravery. While, if you succeed in your small business, you can start to do long-term financial planning, get involved in property investment, stock market, or expand the business, its up to you at least you have plan for it.

Last but no least, though your monthly income is only RM 2,000, but if you use it wisely, you can become richer than anyone else who monthly income is more than you. Keep it up! and you would get closer and closer to the objectives that you have set earlier.


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