Keys to Finding Great Real Estate Properties

The most vital part of your business is finding a great investment! Take your time and don’t get aggravated. Your ideal investment is out there, you just have to have the fortitude and carefulness to persist and find that great money-maker.

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Target Zone

Target Zones:

Pick out 6 or 7 areas in your vicinity, county or state that you consider would be great for property investment. If you are not sure about which area would be excellent, contact your real estate agent or ask a skilled investor about where you can make money flicking properties. Your next step is to find distressed properties within your preferred investment zones. The key to finding an immense investment property is to find out and look around. That sounds simple enough, right? Even if you have to factually go up and down each avenue in the locality, it will be appeal it when you finally find that great piece of property.


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Write It Down:

While you’re on the hunt, be sure to carry pen and pad with you, take notes about the property, its locality and things that you like. This will help you in determining what you want and what you are looking for. Refer back to your notes often.



Unnecessary to say, the newspaper is FOREVER a great cause for finding distressed properties. Due to the enormous amounts of foreclosures, the newspapers have newly started to print a list of all the foreclosures in the state. You will be able to find these properties if you choose up a Sunday paper. The possibilities are overpowering as well as inspiring!

Advertising to attract Real Estate

Advertising to attract Real Estate sellers!

It’s a great thought to make colorful signals and dangle them in popular areas, letting people know that you are looking for distressed properties. You will be astonished how many people will contact you to get divest of an unwanted property. You can also publicize on the internet or pay for ads in the local newspapers. All of these alternatives should engender some great leads on investment properties.


internet hunt

Internet Hunt, Get on the internet:

Utilize your county’s website to find distressed properties. Regrettably, a lot of the unwanted properties get forsaken off on the county and they sale them off. This is another vast way to find investment properties for grime cheap.

Don’t be frightened to go on the hunt for properties. It takes hard work and a determined courage but this is your business and you have to make it occur. You are liable for your own success! In the long run, you will be delighted you put in the hard work it took to find your investment properties!


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