Top 3 Questions To Ask When Condos Hunting For Your Vacation

Hooray! You have time to travel with your family, finally! When planning a vacation, staying in a condominium/ apartment can be an excellent way to save more money and no need to separate your family members into different rooms.

Staying at condos/ apartment during your family vacation have a variety of advantages. When hunting for condos/ apartment for rent, you’ve got to be careful on your research and you must ask the following questions to the homeowner, so you can ensure that you choose the right place for your family.

Top 3 Questions To Ask When Condos Hunting For Your Vacation 1

➊ How many bedrooms does this condos/ apartment have?

The first thing you need to do is know the number of your family members, and thus you’ll know how many bedrooms you need. Once you know the number of bedrooms you need, you can search and filter the condos for rent that have meet your requirements.

However, one thing you have to look out that most of the unit listings will state that the condo/ apartment can accommodate how many people, instead of the number of bedrooms. For instance, the condo/ apartment have 2 bedrooms, but it can accommodate up to 8 people – 2 double beds or bunk beds in each room. Therefore, before making the booking, do double check the number of bedrooms that this condos/ apartment have.

Top 3 Questions To Ask When Condos Hunting For Your Vacation 2

➋ Are the kitchen appliances/ items included?

For family or friends vacation, most like to experience to do at least some of their own cooking (barbecue and steamboat) in the different place. This is a great way to save more money from eating at restaurants and improve the relationship of the family members.

However, the travelers won’t bring along their own kitchen appliances/ items to vacation, so, it can be helpful to have those appliances/ items provided in the unit. If this activity is in your plan, you should contact the homeowner and ask whether the pots, pans, stove, gas and basic tableware are provided in the kitchen.

Top 3 Questions To Ask When Condos Hunting For Your Vacation 3

➌ Is the condo/ apartment safe for children?

Another and important thing to consider is if the unit layout is appropriate for young children, especially toddlers. For example, is there easy access to the front door? Is there have a no-climb deck guard safety screen at the balcony (the risk of that child falling from a balcony becomes a true concern)? Is there a doorway that can be blocked to keep the children out? and etc. You must ask the homeowner about it, if there are children along with your trip.

Having a family vacation is a fun way to make family memories and improve the family relationship. Consider the benefits of condos/ apartment for rent when booking a family trip!


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