Vacation With Tiny House Instead RV

Have you ever wonder that it’s feel like to live in a tiny house? Here a new resort nestled in the Oregon forest might provide the weekend getaway that you are looking for.

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The resort called Tiny House Village, it’s contain five, around 200 sqf homes and each home has different distinct personality. Good news for traveler , this tiny hotel is available for rent.

See what it’s like to stay in the Tiny House Village below.

The Tiny House Village sits in a remote patch just outside the Mount Hood National Forest, less than an hour outside Portland. The houses are arrange as circle shape with fire pit at center.

Zoe 2

Each house have its own personality which is Zoe, crafted with cedar plank siding painted blue with white trim. It’s exudes a sense of carefree happiness.

Zoe 3

Though the stairs do double as storage, perfect for stashing a hair dryer or hiking gear.

Zoe 5

The resort sits away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Each home has heating and cooling, electricity, and a TV.

Zoe 7

Zoe 6

Zoe 10

Most homes, like the Zoe, a twin-sized mattress in a loft and a single bed below.

Scarlett 2

While the Scarlett is the epitome of farmhouse charm. It’s stocked with family heirlooms and artwork featuring vegetables and fruits.

Scarlett 3

Scarlett 4

Scarlett 11

The guests can prepare a meal or brew a cup of coffee on the electric stove.

Scarlett 8

Scarlett 13

Take a look at the bathroom. It’s a tight squeeze, but it beats a Porta-Potty.

Savannah 1

Each house, like the Savannah shown above, started as a standard model on Tumbleweed’s product line. The company made some changes to make guests feel at relief.

Savannah 6

For example, since guests don’t need to worry about storing four seasons of clothes and a hundred kitchen gadgets, the developers created more space for lounging and minimized storage.

Lincoln 2

The most rustic of the homes, the Lincoln, gives off a cabin vibe. The unfinished wood interior and vast book collection make it the perfect place to curl up with a good read.

Lincoln 3

Lincoln 6

The houses range from 178 to 261 square feet, and sleep two to five guests. They cost between $129 and $139 per night to rent, depending on their size.

Lincoln 7

Lincoln 9

The resort only opened in June, but so far, it’s attracted adventurous tourists and prospective tiny home-owners alike. It’s a low-risk way to try micro-living.

The communal fire pit brings guests outside each night. A tiny house vacation is probably not ideal for someone who wants total isolation.

But for those with a sense of quirk, the Tiny House Village offers an affordable, adorable alternative to traditional hotels.


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