4 Places Would Lower Your House Value

In previous articles, we are focus more on how to increase your house value so that you can sell it out at higher price. Do you ever heard that if your house located or vicinity in the particular places, your house value is not going to up but slamp. Wondering what are those places that can make your house value lower. Here they are;

1. Graveyard

Please be caution that, no one else in the world would like to live in the house that nearby the graveyard. No matter what race of sellers or buyers are, they would definitely not consider this house. Even the developers would not choose this type of area to build the houses. If your house is located or nearby such inauspicious place, you may have to expect that you can’t sell out this house forever!

2. House facing busy roads/ highway

No one would like to see the busy roads once they open the house door. Besides of air and sound pollution, the house facing the busy roads is against the Feng Shui. Many Malaysians will consider Feng Shui elements of a house before purchase, and the house buyers will not consider this type of house in the first place. If the busy roads/ highway is only going to build after you move in, then you should sell it out quick once you know such development plan is going to be executed. Therefore, searching the area’s future development is extremely important.

3. Low standard schools

A top-notch school can affect the nearby house value, while living near a low standard school an lower the  house values and limit the market to those buyers without school-aged children or those who can afford the added expenses of a private education.

4. A corner house

For landed house, if your house is at corner, you may expect that there are many cars and motorbikes will pass through your front door and getting used to headlights sweeping through your windows at all hours of the night. For unit house, if your house nearby elevator, you may expect that there are many people will pass through your front door and hear the elevator sound effect and ding all the time. These 2 situations are just giving you a disturbed living. The potential house buyers will not put this type of home into their consideration.

Last but not least, if there is so unfortunate that you live in one of the above type of house, you may have to make this house as personal use and never turn it into an investment. Or if you’re forced to sell your house one day, you can only sell it out at lower your purchase price.


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