7 Ideas For Decorate Your Tiny Bathrooms

This is not fresh new that most of the apartment have a tiny bathroom. Sometimes, a tiny bathroom will affect your emotion. Today we share you some amazing ideas for how to decorate your tiny bathroom without expand the existing toilet; Get a toilet-sink combo You can buy a full toilet-sink combo and replace the toilet you already … Read more

6 Tips For Decorating Nursery Room

Dreaming of a special decorating nursery room for your little one? Here the simple tips for you; 1. Fresh white walls  Furniture should be neutral and bright, featuring natural or timber and light-colored fabrics. The goal is to create a clean and simple backdrop for your design. 2. Bright color room Craving more color? Consider adding … Read more

Top 5 Patio Decorating Ideas

Splendid, airy and graceful, these outdoor spaces invite you to come out and play no matter if it’s night or day. 1.Elemental Force The combination of materials like stone and timber with the implementation of water features and lush landscape offers the perfect holding space for our tropical weather. Tips ⌦ To maintain a delightful environment outdoors, keep your garden clear of clutter. Keep the swimming pools … Read more

Eco-Friendly Flooring Solutions That Are Anything But Boring!

Environmentally friendly materials are becoming an increasingly popular choice for anyone building a new home or redecorating their existing one. It used to be the case that if you wanted to make an environmental friendly choice you would have to take the bland, expensive option. Fortunately, more and more manufacturers are realizing the importance buyers … Read more

The Coolest Ways To Bring Velvet Home

Everything that’s old becomes new again. That age old axiom could not be more true when it comes to home decor. Some of the oldest trends in decor always find their way back into interiors, with a fresh twist to fit into current spaces. That’s exactly what’s happening with velvet. The traditional fabric is taking … Read more