Wallpaper vs. Paint: Which Is Better For You?

Are you going to refinish your walls but wondering whether to paint or wallpaper? Below you’ll find pros and cons of using paint or wallpaper. After considering all factors, we believe you can get the final decision whether go for painting or wallpapering. Let’s start with the pros of wallpaper; The Pros of Wallpaper Cost … Read more

Top 10 Tips For Getting Started In Property Investment

Every people in the world want to build a retirement nest egg while they are young, and wish to worry nothing after retirement. Well, property investment is one of the good place and safest-long term investments where can letting people to build their wealth for future use. Although investing in property can be an excellent … Read more

What Makes A Good Real Estate Investment?

Property flipping is when property investors buy houses (usually at auction as they can buy houses at below market price), fix the houses, and then resell them at a good profit. Can you make money by doing this? The answer is yes. Can you make a lot of money by doing this? The answer is … Read more

Why Should You Invest In Property? Here Are 5 Reasons Why.

Although there are many choices for investing, but real estate investment is one of the popular choice for many investors. If you have enough savings and wondering which investment you should be start on, the answer is always real estate investment. Do you want to know why? Here are 5 reasons to tell you why … Read more

Developer’s 1-Bukit Senyum Project Set To Be The Tallest In Southeast Asia

JOHOR BARU: Set to be the tallest residential building in Southeast Asia, Astaka Padu is making good progress in its target to construct two residential towers of a staggering 65 and 70 storeys. Taking the likes of some of the iconic towers in the world, the residential buildings will be the first phase of the … Read more

Enhance Your House Feng Shui In 8 Ways

Feng Shui – is an oldest system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. Everyone believing in Feng Shui, especially Chinese. They’re all believe if they bring a good Feng Shui into their home, it can prevent the quarrel between family members and hence live in harmony, luck and happiness. In fact, it is very … Read more

6 Renovation Tips When Buying An Old Property

As a property investor, we always need to search for the best deal in property market. Buying an investment property from developer could save you a lot of money if you’re their “loyal customer” or “friend” or else, the property could be very expensive. While buying investment property from sub-sale market can be risky as there are much … Read more