Small House Movement In Singapore

Everyone has their own dream house. However, many of the couples are upset as they can’t afford for a house due to current property market keep rising as well as difficult to apply the mortgage loan. Due to this reason, many of the  property developers are likely to take advantage of this opportunity to starting to develop the small house and apartment.

Furthermore, the small house movement, it’s growth rapidly. I can almost saw its news everyday. So, today, we are going to share you one of the small house design in Singapore.

This small house is called as “House At Hillside”, designed by Nota Design International Pte Ltd. The size of this small house is about 147 square meters (1582 sq. ft.) and it was achieved high aesthetic and quality with a low budget.

Small House Movement In Singapore 1

For the entry doors, the designer use a full-height timber-framed clear glass pivot to replace the traditional entry doors as that can increase the house ventilation while the doors are opened as well as the air-conditioning could work efficiently when the door are closed.

Tiny House Movement In Singapore 1

Small House Movement In Singapore 4

Tiny House Movement In Singapore 3

Tiny House Movement In Singapore 2

Tiny House Movement In Singapore 4

The house design makes me feel relax and comfortable. And I really likes that clear glass entry doors but it kinda insecurity, maybe need to install another layer of entry doors which can locked the doors properly.


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