Important Things to Know When You Rent a Home or Apartment in Canada

As part of your relocation efforts to move into Canada, you may need to rent a home or apartment upon arrival as a new permanent resident. Renting a home or apartment in Canada is similar to renting a space in many other areas of the world, but there may be some key differences for you … Read more

Selling vs Renting Out Your Property: Which Makes You More Money?

What do you do with a property you own that you’re no longer using? Sell it? Or rent it? Here’s a quick and simple rundown on how to decide. Let’s say your house is already paid for and you’re thinking of moving to a new one. What do you do with the property you’re no … Read more

A Beginners Guide To Renting

When you’re new to the renting game, it can often feel overwhelming, confusing and even a tad scary at times. No need to worry though; we believe there are just five simple steps that need to be followed in order for you to rent with confidence and without worry. Step One Don’t waste precious time … Read more

Real Estate Rents Can Fund Your Retirement

Rental properties can provide a steady source of income in retirement, but it’s not an effortless investment. The process starts by making a down payment in the range of 20-to-30% on an investment property. Next comes the recurring expenses: mortgage, taxes, landlord-specific insurance policies, repair and maintenance costs, and any unexpected expenses, such as legal … Read more

Buying VS Renting: Which Is More Affordable?

For many people, owning a house usually means securing a permanent home for their family or to generate rental income. On the other hand, renting is ideal for individuals with a lifestyle or job that requires them to be mobile – they would rather invest their finances elsewhere, instead of getting tied down to a … Read more

The Renting Guide For New Landlords

Whether you are looking to obtain additional income or having trouble selling off that piece of property, renting out is an appealing option. However, it can bring considerable trouble if appropriate considerations are not made. Check out our tips below to successfully rent out your property: 1. Comprehend the responsibility involved First of all, you … Read more