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For those people who live in KL, Putrajaya, Melaka, Perlis, Negeri Ssmbilan, Pahang, Kedah and Johor, you should know by now that Solid Waste and Public Cleansing Management (SWCorp) have been announced that every family are required to segregation the household waste as of 2015 September 1, or you will be received warning letter and possibly be imposed a maximum fine of RM 1,000 which under SWCorp Act 2007 (Act 672).

This is to encourage and strengthen the residents’s awareness of 3R (Reduce, Recycle and Reuse) and not to throw the recyclable stuffs together with domestic garbage.

If you’re confused about how and what things that you need to separate, here are some guide to you;

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According to the (SWCorp), the agency in charge of this project, you are require to separate the household waste in below 3 categories:

1.Plastic: cartons, plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic toys or anything that made of plastic.

2. Paper: newspaper, magazines, receipts, phone books, papers, envelopes or anything that made of paper

3. Miscellaneous (pack and separate according to these groups)

  • Aluminium/ Metal➟➟ food cans, drink cans, foil, kitchen utensils-spoon, fork & etc
  • Glass/ Ceramics ➟➟ vase, plate, glass bottle & etc
  • Electronics ➟➟ battery, light bulb, electric kettle, camera & any electrical equipments
  • Fabric items➟➟ cloths, pants, shoes, carpet, handbags & etc
  • Hazardous waste ➟➟ aerosol cans, insect spray bottle, paint cans
  • Bulk items ➟➟ furniture, mattress, stoves, large electric item such as refrigerator, aircon, washing machines & etc
  • Garden Waste ➟➟ leaves, small branches, cut flowers & etc

4. Non-recyclables: diapers, tissue paper, food items & etc. (these items will be sent to landfills)

After these, you may ask;

1. I already separated all of my stuffs. What should I do now? 

On the collection day, you will need to separate out the items by follow above categories 1 to 3 , packed and tied up tight and place it outside the garbage bin while the residual waste will be place inside the garbage bin.


2. When is the collection day?

Collection schedule

  • Residual Waste (non-recyclable) –  Twice a week
  • Recyclable Waste (items in categories 1-3) –  Once a week

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