The Pros And Cons Of Buying Property At Auctions

Buying at auction is one way to buy a property at below market price. However, it also presents with both pros and cons. There is a common preconception that properties put up for auction are either repossessed or problematic properties. While, another misconception is that buying property at auctions must be for cash rich buyers. The … Read more

Step By Step Guides For Buyers On The Auction Day

Today, let’s us continue to discuss about the step by step guides for property buyers on the auction day. Before you really want to get the auction house on your hand, make sure you have call to the auctioneer to check whether the property you are interested in is still available and hasn’t been withdrawn. You must also make … Read more

Step By Step Guides For Buyers Before Auction

Auction is an excellent place to buy the property at best possible price. If you come across an interesting property that has been put up for auction, you must follow the following steps instead of showing up with your bank draft and even before the auction. Here are the step by step guides for property buyers … Read more

Where To Find Auctions?

For property investors, auctions are one of the excellent place to buy investment properties at bargain prices. While, for homebuyers, they can also find their preferred property at best possible price at auction fairs. In last article, we’ve had talked about how the auctions come about. Well, in today, we will talk about where to … Read more

5 Golden Auction Rules

Buying a home at auction can be very exciting. You might pick one up for less than the maximum price you’ve set yourself. But beware of the pitfalls. Here are the five golden rules to follow before sticking your hand up in the auction room. Shop around first There are literally thousands of properties going … Read more

Melbourne’s Auction Market Leaves A Firm Stamp At The Summer Finale

Melbourne’s robust home auction market has ended summer with a steady result despite a surge in listings – particularly in the inner suburbs Low interest rates have kept the market bubbling along this year so far in what clearly remains a sellers’ market. andrew-wilson These conditions are likely to continue through autumn with confidence reinforced … Read more