These Habits Can Make You Become A Millionaire

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7 Property Investing Strategies To Make Million Dollars

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8 Property Investment Calculations Every Property Investors Should Learn

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Read This First Before Investing In Singapore Property

While Singapore has long been South East Asia’s biggest success story (with property prices to match), the current climate poses another, less rosy picture. With a declining economy and fears of a recession in the air, real estate values have hit new lows, and record numbers of agents are turning their backs on the business … Read more

Infographic: 9 Step For Beginner Property Investors

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4 Guidelines For Investing In Smaller Income Properties

If you are reading this article, you’re definitely wants to invest in property but have not much capital to get started. Instead investing in the high-end property like condominiums or commercial property, you should start from flat or  apartment – the unit houses. However, before getting started, you must understanding some basic guidelines, study the targeted … Read more

You Need A Business Plan On Your Property Investment

One question: Are you treating your property investing like a business? If you don’t, your property investment is likely to be failed. Property investing include trading (buy and sell) which just exactly like a business. Just the process of putting the plan together is extremely valuable. You will be forced to ask yourself some questions … Read more