11 Traps Property Newbies Should Avoid

I know that property investment is getting hot recently, believe there is many of the people cannot to wait to get themselves involved in property investment field. But sometimes, this kind of urge may let some newbies fall into other people trap. Do not think you are smart enough to get started immediately, because your ego will often … Read more

5 Tips For Property Investment Newbies In Malaysia

Wondering how others can successfully in property investment? In your mindset, you are believe that they must be wealthy enough to start their property investment journey or they must be lucky enough to buy the property in the right time, aren’t you? People, there is no any particular time or age to begin your property investment career. By learning … Read more

What Is The Misconceptions That Newbies Believe

Time and time again, due to the age-old troublemaker known as word-of-mouth communication, these highly common misconceptions regarding real estate investing cause some serious financial heartache. So, even if you aren’t a beginner, I think that you should definitely take a look through this article to avoid having to be tricked by these sneaky misconceptions ever … Read more