Top 4 Real Estate Trends In India In 2016

Real Estate has seen a lot of ups and downs in the last few years. While many have bought their dream house others lost a lot of money into it, probably not able to wait for the right time. Many have made a lot of money too.

If 2015 was an improvement over its previous year, the year 2016 is expected to be even better. With a lot of measures to stabilize the economy being taken by the new government, amendments have been made and bills have been passed. All this has started showing positive impact on the sector that is anticipating “acche din” in 2016.

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Here are four trends that real estate has started experiencing and will develop immensely in the year 2016:

1.Interest in Tier II cities

With metro cities full of almost everything, may it be people, traffic, pollution, vehicles etc., it is no shocker that Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities are picking up the residential real estate growth. Staying away from the main hubs is increasingly becoming common amongst people. They want peace and an experience, at an affordable rate.

Projects like Greencity Raigad have provided just that to the people. Taking an objective of providing affordable housing for all, Greencity Raigad project is located in the heart of nature giving the serenity we need after a busy day in office.

2. Quality of the projects

Modern technologies and quality developers have added to the quality of projects that are being developed in the country today. Most real estate projects are today complimented with superior amenities and features, making them different from the earlier projects.

3. Increasingly affordable

There is a space for everybody today. Real Estate projects of all varieties have been developed. Affordable housing as a concept has ticked very well. Greencity Raigad, for example, is an affordable second home property located near Raigad Fort, Mahad.

4. Land as an Investment opportunity

Continuing with our earlier example of Greencity Raigad, real estate has been increasingly seen as an investment opportunity today. Located near to cities like Pune and Mumbai adds importance to these projects. Hence, It’s not only the stock market that attracts the investors today.

Many people have tasted huge success in real estate in the past and this has motivated people to invest in real estate too.


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