Rise of Singapore’s West and North

Property investors have much to be excited about with recently announced plans to develop Jurong. We take a look at the upcoming Jurong Innovation District, as well as Woodlands Regional Centre, and give you the Guru View. Recently announced plans for the Jurong Innovation District (JID) is welcome news for residents of Singapore’s Western region. … Read more

Is Iskandar Property Still Worth Investing In 2016?

Ever since the end of 2013, the Iskandar property market peaked from a period of super high growth to a gradual decline. To add to the problem, the Iskandar Redevelopment Authority (IRDA) announced partnerships with 3 major Chinese developers to develop more than 107,000 high-rise units in Iskandar Malaysia. Shocked by this news, panicking investors … Read more

What’s The Difference Between Estate Agents & Negotiators?

With the recent whirlwind of government interventions to ensure that property buyers are well served and not cheated when making a transaction, property salespersons are now required to produce a REN Tag and REN registration number upon introducing themselves, and failure to produce one could end up in a lawsuit. The general public are muddled … Read more

Should You Buy a Ready Possession Flat or Get a Home Constructed?

Living in your own flat or house provides you with the great feeling of security, independence and happiness. The ultimate dream of everyone is to own a place to live. When a person starts to earn, the first thing that comes into his mind is to own a house and starts to save a lot … Read more

Here’s What Happens When You Combine The Worth Of The World’s Real Estate

The total value of all developed properties around the globe has been revealed to be USD217 trillion, which is 2.7 times larger than the world’s GDP. Let that sink in for a moment. In a new analysis by consultancy and advisory firm Savills, which published the study for the first time, the world’s developed property … Read more