When Does GST Applies To Individuals Who Own Properties?

IT has always been clear that it is the responsibility of those in business to register for GST and collect the tax, however, recent guidance released by the authorities could bring private individuals, who would not consider that they are in business, into the mix. Under GST, the sale of commercial buildings and land zoned … Read more

MyDeposit First Home Deposit Funding Scheme

Not Enough Deposit To Buy A House? The First Home Deposit Funding Scheme (MyDeposit) has been launched. Announced during Budget 2016 last October, the scheme is aimed at helping the lower-middle income group with a household income of RM10,000 and below. Government has allocated about RM200 million for the MyDeposit Scheme for first time house … Read more

Rich Debt, Poor Debt

What is a Debt? It seems to give a negative impression. Sometimes it even gives some people a chill just hearing this word. The dictionary, both layman and business, defines debt as something which someone gave permission to borrow but with the condition to repay back. From a business dictionary perspective, a debt is usually … Read more

How To Refinance Your Personal Loan

Refinancing is a term that is often assumed to be related only to housing loans. But did you know that you can actually refinance a personal loan as well? If you did, then great! If you didn’t, don’t worry – now you’ve learned something new! Regardless, keep scrolling, dear reader, and we’ll break down the … Read more

House Buyers Must Shop Around For Best Financing Package

KUALA LUMPUR, March 2 (Bernama) — First time house buyers should shop around to find financing which best suits their needs as certain commercial banks do offer special packages for first timers, says Association of Banks in Malaysia (ABM). ABM also suggested that these first timers work with their financiers when assessing the suitability and … Read more