Top 10 Tips for Buying Your First Investment Property

Real estate has produced many of the world’s wealthy people so there are plenty of reasons to think that investment property is a sound of good investment. But like any investment, it’s better to be well-versed in the space before diving in. Unlike purchasing stock, which may cost a dollar or two per share, you could … Read more

Chinese Interest In Phuket Property Picking Up

Property buyers from China could be flocking to Phuket if the CEO of China’s largest international property website is to be believed. Charles Pittar, CEO of, told the Phuket News that he is predicting interest in Phuket property from Chinese buyers to increase substantially. “The past 12 months have seen strong growth in Chinese … Read more

Five Important Property Investment Ideas to Follow

Nowadays, planning for property investment continues to be high among individuals. Every investment should be about increasing your capital and secure the future. However, we cannot make sure that all real estate investment will deliver positive results. Thus, here are five important investing ideas that will be essential for every land investor. Selecting the Right … Read more

How Will ‘Baby Boomers’ Impact The Property Market?

Baby Boomers are an interesting bunch. They refuse to be pigeonholed, as their lifestyles, financial situations and even their definitions of retirement vary significantly – both from each other and from the generations that preceded them. The only one thing that remains certain is the fact that we’re in uncharted territory, as the ripple effect … Read more

Property Tips For Beginners

If you are looking for investments options that have a high return you should consider investing in real estate. Traditionally property investments is a good high return investment. Yes, the prices of investment property can fluctuate down and up in the short term but over the long run you can make a profit. Being the … Read more

When Does GST Applies To Individuals Who Own Properties?

IT has always been clear that it is the responsibility of those in business to register for GST and collect the tax, however, recent guidance released by the authorities could bring private individuals, who would not consider that they are in business, into the mix. Under GST, the sale of commercial buildings and land zoned … Read more

Selling vs Renting Out Your Property: Which Makes You More Money?

What do you do with a property you own that you’re no longer using? Sell it? Or rent it? Here’s a quick and simple rundown on how to decide. Let’s say your house is already paid for and you’re thinking of moving to a new one. What do you do with the property you’re no … Read more

How To Value A Real Estate Investment Property

To profit in real estate, investors must value the properties they buy, and then estimate how much money those properties will generate, whether through appreciation, rental income, or both. Two common methods for real estate valuation are the discounted net operating income and gross income multiplier approaches. A property’s net operating income is the earnings … Read more

China Researcher Sees Downside Risks In Property

SHANGHAI: There are downside risks for the China property market in the second quarter because of the tightening measures that have been reintroduced to some cities, a Chinese government researcher said. The curbs in first-tier cities are limiting property sales’ growth, Zhang Changcai, deputy director general at the Information Research Department of the State Council, … Read more

Beware Of High-Risk Property Investments

Consumer Affairs Victoria recently warned investors to beware of what they called “high risk” property investments. Interestingly the risks they mention may not have been the ones that first came to mind but there are some words of wisdom in their caution. So here’s what they said: PROPERTY SPRUIKERS Property spruikers are property investment promoters … Read more