6 Tips For Decorating Nursery Room

Dreaming of a special decorating nursery room for your little one? Here the simple tips for you; 1. Fresh white walls  Furniture should be neutral and bright, featuring natural or timber and light-colored fabrics. The goal is to create a clean and simple backdrop for your design. 2. Bright color room Craving more color? Consider adding … Read more

Top 5 Patio Decorating Ideas

Splendid, airy and graceful, these outdoor spaces invite you to come out and play no matter if it’s night or day. 1.Elemental Force The combination of materials like stone and timber with the implementation of water features and lush landscape offers the perfect holding space for our tropical weather. Tips ⌦ To maintain a delightful environment outdoors, keep your garden clear of clutter. Keep the swimming pools … Read more

This Tiny Home Can Rotate In A Full Circle

With its rainy weather, homes in Portland, Oregon, tend to not get too much sun. But a Portland-based architecture firm figured out a way to change that. PATH Architecture created a tiny home that can rotate in almost a complete circle. That means that its floor-to-ceiling windows can always face the sun. The 359, as it’s … Read more

Vacation With Tiny House Instead RV

Have you ever wonder that it’s feel like to live in a tiny house? Here a new resort nestled in the Oregon forest might provide the weekend getaway that you are looking for. The resort called Tiny House Village, it’s contain five, around 200 sqf homes and each home has different distinct personality. Good news for … Read more

Build A House With Just Screwdriver? No Way!

Try to imagine — you build a house with screwdriver, its as simple as like you build up a cabinet.

It is crazy right, no one can build a house without cements, bricks and roofs but just screwdriver and woods.

Here a French design studio which has created the PopUp house that can construct a building without need for power tools or heavy machinery. Let’s take a look how a miracle happen ↟↟↟


10 Awesome Architecture Home Design

Everyone would dream of having a house for your own someday. For example, although the costs is lower than a apartment, but nothing can compares of having your lawn where you can held a barbecue party with your family and friends. Today, we’ve share some awesome and unique house idea from all over the world. Enjoy … Read more

Build A House With Just Lego Bricks?

Have you ever heard that build a house by using the Lego bricks? According to phnompenhpost.com, a social enterprise initiative from Hav Kongngy, a 31-year-old Cambodian as well as the founder and director of My Dream Home, spent a year in Australia working for an NGO, where he first saw the mud brick system being implemented as an inexpensive … Read more

Top 10 US States For Affordable Senior Care

For many seniors, growing older often means dealing with new medical challenges, and the cost of managing health-related issues can be astronomical. A new report from HVS Financial found that the average couple retiring at age 65 with Medicare Parts B and D and a supplemental insurance policy can still expect to pay nearly $394,954 … Read more

Think Before Throwing

For those people who live in KL, Putrajaya, Melaka, Perlis, Negeri Ssmbilan, Pahang, Kedah and Johor, you should know by now that Solid Waste and Public Cleansing Management (SWCorp) have been announced that every family are required to segregation the household waste as of 2015 September 1, or you will be received warning letter and possibly be imposed a … Read more

The Tiny House Movement

Growing in popularity over the last decade, tiny houses are popping up around the country as more people decide to downsize their lives. While the structures often measure less than 300 square feet, the tiny house movement isn’t necessarily about sacrifice. While, some homeowners have discovered a small house actually leads to a simpler yet fuller … Read more