Property Fengshui 101

Do you believe in house fengshui? I am a big fan of it. Don’t get me wrong. I am not being superstitious. Fengshui is very scientific. There is nothing speculative or supernatural about it. Property fengshui believes in maintaining the harmony between man and nature for the sake of good health and good fortune. Good … Read more

5 Obstacles That Faced By Every First-Time Homebuyers

It’s not always an easy process to buy a home. Many first-time homebuyers encounter obstacles, and it’s not unusual to run into flying monkeys and wicked witches along that yellow brick road to home ownership. The first step in home buying is to prepare for the obstacles. An experienced real estate agent can help you … Read more

Tips For Buy A House That Is Easy To Rent

When it’s time to sell a rental house, sometimes the unexpected problems encountered by some sellers are based on the fact the purchase was made without devoting much thought to buying a house that is easy to rent. Not every rental home starts out as a rental house, either, because sometimes these homes are converted … Read more

More Investors Enter the Student Housing Sector, as Prices, Sales Volume Rise

Investors are on track to buy $4.5 billion in student housing properties in 2015—up from just $3 billion the year before, according to data from commercial real estate services firm CBRE. “I knew that volume would be up—but not that much,” says Jaclyn Fitts, national director of student housing for CBRE. “It continues to demonstrate … Read more

DTZ Property Times: Q3 2015 Kuala Lumpur

The Malaysian economy expanded by 4.9% y-o-y in Q2, the smallest growth since Q4 2013. The unemployment rate remained unchanged at 3.1%. The Ringgit recorded a year-to-date drop of 27% against the US dollar, driven by the devaluation of the Renminbi amid concerns on China’s economic growth, weakened investor sentiment, and low oil prices. Investment … Read more