How Can You Encourage People To Buy Your Home?

Looking to sell your home? We reveal what encourages people to buy a property. When looking to sell your home, simple things such as buying fresh flowers, a nice smelling air freshener and a new lick of paint can really help make your property appear more appealing. However, new research from online lighting retailer, LightBulbs … Read more

Thinking About Ground Rents?

Why not consider buying ground rents? These are often freehold (or perhaps head leasehold) interests in buildings which are arranged as flats, those flats having been sold off on long leases. You receive a modest but very secure income stream – and often with added benefits. Depending on these benefits, and possible angles for added … Read more

Bandar Malaysia Stake Buy To Generate Returns To People Of Johor

JOHOR BAHARU, Jan 3 — The move by the state government to acquire a stake in Bandar Malaysia Sdn Bhd is expected to generate profits that will be used towards enhancing the well-being of the rakyat. Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin said entering the shares acquisition tender as a bidder and subsequently … Read more

Why January Is A Great Time To Sell

Preparing and planning to list a home for sale often takes a few months, with a lot of back and forth between the agent and seller. Typically, prospective sellers will start the groundwork at the very start of the year with the intention of selling in the spring. According to AOL Real Estate, selling in … Read more

Rebates And Freebies – Time To Stop This Nonsense

THE biggest “open secret” when buying properties from developer is that developers offer various freebies and rebates. The rebate given by the developer comes in the form of a deduction against the 10% down payment that the housebuyer is required to make. This rebate fluctuates between 3% and up to a full 10%. By 10% rebate, this means that the housebuyer does not need to … Read more

Five Tips To Negotiate For A Good Bargain (Part 2)

We have talked about the first two tips of successful property negotiations: being well prepared and knowing the art of making offers. Let’s continue with the other three tips to negotiate for a good bargain. Tip #3: Think win-win 1. Return of favor The key to winning a negotiation is to temporarily put aside what … Read more

Common Questions Answered for Expats Investing in Malaysian Property

In its new report, entitled “Doing Business 2015: Going Beyond Efficiency”, the World Bank has found that Malaysia ranks first out of the emerging economies in East Asia and ranks fourth out of all the countries in Asia. Malaysia’s ease of doing business ranking has also improved two positions over last year, moving from 20th … Read more

Shortage Of Care Homes In UK Create Opportunities For Investors

UK is facing a growing shortage of elderly care homes creating significant opportunity for investment and development. Knight Frank’s latest UK Healthcare Report states, the UK’s population of over 65’s is forecast to grow by 10% over the next five years; however the number of new care home registrations is significantly decreasing. Research shows there … Read more

Pros & Cons: Investing In Commercial Property

Thinking of investing in commercial property? Read this first. Like many hot button issues in real estate investing, the debate on whether it’s better to invest in residential over commercial continues to divide investors. Proponents of investing in residential say it’s the least risky option, while those who are in favour of commercial would argue … Read more

Renting A Good Property In 6 Tips

Searching for a suitable home can be a daunting task, especially if you are in a foreign country. At times you may find yourself at the mercy of people and circumstances beyond your control. In my experience in the property market, I have come across many stories, some are downright outrageous and I remember being … Read more