4 Crowdfunding Real Estate Trends For 2016

Given the recent interest in crowdfunding, it should come as no surprise to learn that it has become more and more popular in the most unexpected of places. For example, crowdfunding has become a popular choice for investors as well as real estate developers, with DealIndex predicting that it could have brought in more than … Read more

Hammering On Auction Properties

Homebuyers and investors who are seeking property purchases from both primary and secondary market may wish to look into properties made available via the property auction channel. Despite the many myths and misconceptions, investing in auction properties presents several advantages that may put knowledgeable investors at the front edge. Unlike sub-sale or buying from the … Read more

11 Ways Property Investors Can Ease The Pain Of A Tax Audit

Imagine you just received a letter from the ATO advising they will be conducting an audit of your tax affairs. For many this is a daunting task and dare I say it; even a visit to the dentist is looking better. With an increasing number of ATO audits it is imperative that as a property … Read more

Why Expensive Singapore Property Is Driving Investors Overseas

With Singapore property experts fearing falls in the Singapore stock market will have an effect on the real estate sector, it could be another tough year for the domestic market. Instead, Singaporean property investors are turning to foreign property and preliminary data from analytics company Real Capital Analytics (RCA) shows they invested a record US$26.31billion … Read more

Ultra-Luxury Real Estate: What’s Hot, What’s Not

A major driver of demand for luxury homes after the global recession was a coterie of wealthy international investors seeking a safe place to earn superior returns in a low-interest-rate environment. As they’ve pulled back due to international events such as plummeting oil prices and slowing economic growth in China, as well as tax and … Read more

Are You a Property Flipper or Keeper?

What’s the difference and which type of investor are you? Everybody wants to get into the property game – either as a flipper or a keeper. If you not familiar with the terms, a “flipper” is a property investor who buys properties for the sole purpose of turning a quick resale profit, usually within a … Read more

5 Easy Step To Be A Smart Property Investor

In the Malaysian property investor community, like any other community, there are lots of very nice people, but then you’ve got the people who would ruin it for everyone. Given my work at GoodPlace I tend to encounter maybe a few more “jerk investors” than some people do. Obviously, this article is meant to be … Read more

Shortage Of Care Homes In UK Create Opportunities For Investors

UK is facing a growing shortage of elderly care homes creating significant opportunity for investment and development. Knight Frank’s latest UK Healthcare Report states, the UK’s population of over 65’s is forecast to grow by 10% over the next five years; however the number of new care home registrations is significantly decreasing. Research shows there … Read more

More Investors Enter the Student Housing Sector, as Prices, Sales Volume Rise

Investors are on track to buy $4.5 billion in student housing properties in 2015—up from just $3 billion the year before, according to data from commercial real estate services firm CBRE. “I knew that volume would be up—but not that much,” says Jaclyn Fitts, national director of student housing for CBRE. “It continues to demonstrate … Read more