Banking Sector’s Loan Growth To Fall To 6%

PETALING JAYA: RAM Ratings projects the banking sector’s loan growth to ease to 6% this year as the economic environment remains challenging and macro-prudential measures to curb household debt continue to exert an impact. However, its co-head of financial institution ratings Sophia Lee expects the overall asset quality indicators of the sector to remain healthy … Read more

What You Need to Know About Home Loans

Do home loans become a little too much for you to consume because it involves big money? We’ve broken down all the essentials you need! If personal loans are loans you take out for personal use, home loans are loans you take out specifically to buy a house. On the surface it sounds pretty straightforward, … Read more

Slowdown In Property Loans But Demand Still Strong For Cheaper Homes

THE slowdown in the local property market saw loans approved to the sector last year drop marginally. According to National Property Information Centre’s (Napic) 2015 Property Market Report, total loans to the property sector grew 2.6% during the quarter ended December 2015, a drop from the 4.3% in the previous corresponding period. Of this, loans … Read more

The 4 Things Lenders Consider Before Approving Your Home Loan

In a previous article, we’ve talked about the pros and cons of purchasing a property in cash versus applying for a home loan. Home loans work the same way as any other loan does. The lender (the bank, as is often the case) charges an amount of interest and the borrower pays the money back … Read more

Using a Loan to Improve Your Home and Getting Good Value

Home improvements are one of the top reasons why people apply for a loan. After all, home renovations can be very expensive, but they can also add real value to the home, so they’re worth paying for over a period of time. That being said, grabbing the biggest loan that you can and splurging it … Read more

Mortgage LTV Ratio & Margin of Finance for Home Loans

In Malaysia, it is normal to expect 90% LTV ratio for a residential mortgage loan (more commonly known as a housing loan). But Bank Negara closely regulates the LTV ratios for residential mortgage loans to prevent uncontrolled speculation. If a person has 2 or more existing residential mortgage loans, LTV is capped at 70% for … Read more

5 Common Housing Loan Mistakes To Avoid

Every day there are people just like you and me made mistakes in their home loan. By acquainting yourself with “5 common housing loan mistakes to avoid” article, you can save thousands on your housing loan. Read on so you can avoid these pitfalls. APPLYING 1 BANK AND THAT’S IT Banks love if you can … Read more

Things You Look For When Applying For A Housing Loan

As the saying goes “There’s no place like Home”. Buying our own home is one of the biggest financial decisions we make during our lifetime. The Majority of people, regardless of whether they buy as an investment or to live in, will finance their home through a housing loan. Without a guidebook, it can be … Read more

How Much Can I Borrow?

How much can I borrow?  This is the most important question to ask before purchasing any house. There is no point of buying a house and your loan is not approve right? If you like old school, we can share with you the way to calculate your entitlement. This may not be 100% correct because every banks … Read more

Bank Reject Your Mortgage Loan Application? These 10 Reasons Explain Why!

Why was your loan rejected and does it indicate an end of your property investment journey? “Mortgage application is rejected!” This phrase is quite frightening, but this does not mean you can’t get a mortgage loan anymore. Gone were the days where an officer judges and evaluates your loan application based on how they feel … Read more